2020 aircraft in 24?

Yes yes, i know what was said, but lets expand on that. Lets say, for example, the CJ4 will NOT be in the fleet in 2024. Can i move the CJ4 from msfs 2020 to 2024? I know community folder items can be used, but what about the default? Hmmmmm

Default 2020 aircraft will be in 2024.

Hi @CasualOne7471 ,
In this article:

It states:
“Current aircraft and airports that are in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), as well as virtually all Marketplace add-ons, will be supported in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.”

I take that to mean that if you own MSFS 2020, there will be a mechanism that allows you to use those aircraft in MSFS 2024. What that mechanism is - be it copy, move, link or something else - has not been described yet, AFAIK.


Ugh, well i hope that doesnt include the pipistrel. Bury it. Ill buy flowers. Lol in vr the thing is too strange to sit in.

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this is one of the things that make me suspicious… and i know i’m going to take heat for this… but, they said 2024 will be a complete re-write of the base code from the ground up… and at the same time they say that all, or most, of our addons wil work in 2024? that doesnt sound like a complete re-write to me,
if the addons work… that means that they are NOT going to ditch the javascript/coherent stack that in my view is the source of many of the problems the sim faces today

just to clarify, i think a complete re-write is in fact what is needed, no doubt
but they are making some noises that dont go along those lines
we’ll see


I can totally understand also the defult planes for fs2024 will all have a defult efb tablet, but all the planes coming over from fs2020 re 3rd party wont and I assume the efb wont magically spawn into the plane ifs its missing :smile: so does that mean some features wont be available for that addon, keep in mind we have no idea what will be included in the defult efb

Or what aircraft…

Heh we’re going to have things like flexible fabric coverings and bendable wings. What we have now is bound to be obsolete old-hat quickly. But they will port over. With multi-threading what we think of as complex airports are going to be cartoons. Problem is I’m sure they’re going to find ways to use up new resources, even if it’s 10 times more powerful

First rule of post millennium computing.
“When users manage to achieve 60 fps smoothly with careful installs and tweaks using existing hardware developers MUST rewrite mandatory updates that reduce that to 30fps.”

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It is literally NOT AT ALL a from the ground up rewrite, nor have they promised that. They have promised major improvements to many parts of the stack, including much better use of multicore processors.

Throwing away their entire investment in the entire software stack would be… extremely unwise. :slight_smile:

Oh thats been going on from the start. When i got my first XT. It had a 10 mb drive. I thought, “oh heck… ill never fill that”

Lol my first computer was an Amiga 600. I paid extra for the model with built in 20mb HD.
I remember almost filling it with monkey Island 2 which had 12 floppies you could install on HD. HD game installs were not a thing before that!

green phosphorus monitor
10mb hard drive… it was MASSIVE… impossible to fill

Until I started a BBS and people would connect in. LOL ah, the ole days.

Ohhh no, they are not getting rid of that. The entire avionics suite they built and improved is based on that. Working title did a lot of work there and I am going to assume that MS invested a lot of money on those projects, and they are not going to just throw it away.

Plus it’s not like it’s all peachy in wasm land either. Some wasm aircraft also have their fair share of problems, even on PC, let alone Xbox.

I don’t think if they ever said it’s a complete rewrite, some major components may get a complete rewrite, but not the entire sim. Without knowing exactly what they are doing, it’s very difficult to tell exactly what rewrite means. But if I had to venture a guess, I would say they would tackle the biggest issues currently affecting the sim. Avionics/Js/wasm is probably not the biggest issues as of now. Things like weather depiction, more dynamic weather events, ground visualisation, better flight models etc are probably at the top of their “to enhance” list. This is after ignoring the whole career system thingy, that can be whole other thing by itself.

And it’s a good thing. Software development takes time. And you cannot just throw more man power and bruteforce the problem. If it was a comple rewrite, you can be pretty sure it would take more than 4 years. And many more if the same team is also maintaining an existing platform. Most of the software specially iterative upgrades are barely written from scratch like a blank .h and .c file. Most of the time basic code is reused from existing products. There are many systems already developed over the years which are tested and proven to work. I don’t think developers just throw those away when writing a new overhaul of a product.

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I hope the default efb is optional. I won’t like it very much if I have to constantly look at a window mounted EFB in a cub or some other small plane. And I certainly won’t like it to be added in a 3rd party addon having it’s own efb.

And I think you are correct in assuming the enhancements will be for the new aircraft only, like the more ground contact points and another similar feature which is used to describe the aircraft shape.

The older default aircraft may get updated, but may not also.

As for third-party addons, I think it will be upto the developers to implement updates to use new enhancements.

Let’s hope there isn’t a virtual tablet in every aircraft. Give us a real tablet app instead much easier to use.

I have one I have velcroed to my yoke. but pretty useless in VR :frowning: