21:9 34" Monitor

I am running FS2020 on an I7 3.5GHZ with a GTX 1080 and 32mb RAM. I have been using two standard monitors, a 24 and 20 " at 1080 and 60hz. I would like to replace them with a 34" 21:9 Monitor running at 3440x1440 resolution.
Will my set up run FS2020 at a reasonable frame rate on a high setting. I was thinking of an IPS monitor with G-Sync or would I experience a very low framerate?

1080ti at 3440x1440.

35-45fps at ultra most of the time.


3440x1440, 2070S, Ryzen 7 3800X, high+, 50-60 FPS most of the time. May drop to 40 over Manhattan.


Most Times i am in GPU Limit with the 1080Ti, i get like 35-45 FPS in small Plane , when turning down resolution i get like 45-75. So for UWQHD 2080TI or 3080 with 10 better 20 GB would be best .

If you’re realistic with your settings, that should be ok with playable frame rates at that resolution.

I got a 34" UWQHD a few weeks ago and I have to say I love it. It makes the game more immersive.

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I upgraded to a 32" 1440p monitor and it’s a great size and aspect ratio for gaming and sims! I will say going from 1080p to 1440p was a serious FPS killer for my old video card. 1080 GPU should be fine but expect to dial down your video settings compared to 1080p. If you plan to drive both monitors expect to lower it even lower.

Just for comparison: I get 50-62 FPS in most areas (minus NY) with (one) 1440p monitor, i7-10700k, 2070 Super. Most settings High.

Thank you for your thoughts. I am aware that the card, although a good one, is a little underpowered for FS2020. I may be asking a bit much of it.

Thank you for your help

Thanks. I didn’t want to commit +£700 on a hope that it would be ok.

Thank you.

Thank you. It gives me a good idea of the cards abilities

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Thank you. I have a much better idea of the 1080’s abilities.

You’ll be glad you did it even if not for MSFS. That will be even more the case if you have high refresh rate. Going from 60 to 100Hz in my case was a very pleasant experience, both in and out of games.

TLDR; you’ll be fine.

I’m running the exact same setup you’re proposing, except with an I9 instead of the I7. I started with a 4K TV, but brought the 21:9 home from work to lighten the load on the 1080 a bit. Works great; graphics mostly on high-end, with tweaks from the sticky post somewhere on optimizing graphics settings.

It doesn’t quite hit the “magical” 60 FPS, but that’s much less important in a sim than an FPS where you’re trying to make split-second head shots. Not that I won’t be buying a 3080 whenever it is I can get my hands on one. :slight_smile:

R9 3900X RTX 2060S 32GB Ram NVME drive @3440x1440 oh High End I can normally get around 40fps, drops to mid to low 30’s over cities and mid 40’s+ in open countryside. Drop the resolution to 2560x1080 and I’m in the mid 50’s normally. CPU around 30-40% as an average, GPU at 98%. 3440x1440 is pushing it with the 2060S but don’t need 60+ FPS so it works for me.

That’s very good news. I was very reluctant to commit to the expense. Without all the help from the forum I would not buy a 21:9 monitor. Thanks for your help.

Must admit I love mine with its aspect ratio not just for flight sims but for work and other ‘gaming’ too. I’ve got a 4k Monitor as well that’s just sat on a shelf above hardly being used. Your GTX 1080 from what I can gather isn’t dissimilar to the RTX2060 performance wise so that may give you a good indication too

Why not use both? My 27" 4K monitor sits alongside my main ultra-wide. It still gets used all the time, especially in MSFS where I’ll run Navigraph and other tools on it.

R7 3700x, GTX 1080ti, 32GB RAM, ALIENWARE 3440 x 1440 gsync, 35-45 FPS, ALL ULTRA

I did think of this but it would depend on the 1080…