22/12 update

Just a quick thank you to the MSFS team for the latest update. ~14Gb of goodness! Your work has been improving exponentially. Now that VR is supported, I’m so looking forward to using it.
With regard to all the aircraft tweaks, a huge thank you for addressing so many issues in all the airliners (so glad to have purchased the premium deluxe edition). It’s only been around 24 hours since the update, so I couldn’t possibly have checked out all the jets - but your list of fixes is awesome!
Wishing Asobo, the MSFS teams and all fellow airmen a wonderful festive season, followed up with a new year that negates the horrid 2020 we’ve all had to deal with. To all who may have experienced family tragedy due to COVID 19, my heavy heart aches for you - just know that my love and positive energy goes out to you all. Here’s hoping that 2021 brings us all a successful vaccine program so we can put all the horror behind us.
With my warmest regards to all. Stay safe and stay positive. We’re all in this together.

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