22nd developer update?

When it done.

5pm Seattle that’s what I heard from a mod here

A part from the video they said in the latest DU about North America, and a new partnership series, maybe there is some new content in the MarketPlace.

But the Update 5 for the sim was scheduled for next Thursday

Here’s the North America trailer, which means the update isn’t far


I wish they had more photogrammetry for Canadian cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, etc. The photogrammetry is very poor for many Canadian cities.

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Usually 6PM EST

It’s now online here:

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Update 5 looks like it might be a bit empty.

As said, the “Press to Start” key looks to be removed in update 5.

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oh thank God. That was the worst bug in the history of sims (sarcasm). Wish they’d instead hurry up and fix the graphics declines and LOD issues and melted photogrammetry but who knows when that will happen.


Take another look. It’s top voted wish list item, marked as fixed in Update 5.

Love these Around The World Tours.

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You summed the real bugs up pretty concisely in a few words. I wouldn’t agree more…

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I don’t think around the world series has anything to do with the next update coverage, it is a routine score of videos published every now and then. I personally do not expect World update 2 to be released before the end of year.

Was it worth getting all excited about? Nah. Will it ever be? Unlikely.

As per photogrammetry, developers should work on amazing Mexican cities as well. It’s apparent tho, that region is out of their focus.

The worlds a big place @sarpouli If anyone is waiting expectantly for their part of the world to get a fresh lick of paint, it’s likely to be a long wait.

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Yes, Sweden too …

Maybe Finland first, then Sweden… :grin::finland:

Update Lite, perhaps? :upside_down_face: