23000ft - 6000ft = 18000ft?

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i am pure default

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i am pure default

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23000ft - 6000ft = 18000ft ? … not 17000ft ??

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Maybe your flight plan cruise altitude was FL240 and not FL230. The change you request is based on your planned cruise altitude and not the altitude you have been cleared to.

I hope it makes sense.

In the US and Canada, the transition altitude is 18,000 feet. By requesting a 6,000 ft reduction, you would end up below FL180, which is the lowest possible Flight Level. Not sure what would happen in real life: I SUSPECT you would be cleared to fly at 17,000 ft at the appropriate QNH. Hovever, the sim avoided this issue by clearing you to the lowest possible Flight Level, which is FL180

today, 21000 - 4000 = 26000 ???

i can’t understand…

What did you set your cruise altitude when planning the flight?

I think thats the clue. Tried to explain the OP but he never confirmed.