25-32 FPS with 2080 Ti and 9900K CPU

desperately not trying to hijack thread Currently pretty much everything on ultra (apart from trees and grass and contact shadows I think), internet capped at 20mb, I run at 4k res (render scaling at 50%) and I get (with Simconnect issues) around 55-65fps.
I should add, I have 32Ram and a (slightly/quite a bit o/c) i79800x.
All running off a samsumg 970 nvme

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I’m on default ultra setting, play in 2K.

My FPS is around 55 - 60 in the air and 35-40 on the ground in big city like NY.

But I have stuttering, even if I am in Low graphic. What can I do with is ?

My spec:
GTX 2070 Super
32 GB Ram Corsair 3200 MHz
Samsung 970 EVO Plus m.2
144Hz monitor
Internet 100mb

Do you have this stuterring to ??? Any idea ???

I kind of think you should start a new thread really, but, do you have anything that uses Simconnect? like any maps, other software, hardware? as that causes issues. Also, this may help op too but, evern though you have good internet, try playing around with the data cap settings (like limit it to 20mb like me). Another thing to try (just to eliminate it really) is play “offline” as in, not on an MP server/in your own group. To me, that is the first thing to disable when trying to find out problems, as it is a variable you can’t control.

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No it does not. Because you have 2 viewports, FPS is counted double, but there is no real gain.

The Sim primarily GPU intensive, but SimConnect issues or a lot of multiplayers can clog 1 CPU thread bottlenecking the FPS.


I just ran a test with CPUID and my system is above all the referenced systems there. The score for CPU is 5652 for multithreading.

Hey man, i am on a close setup to yours, 9900k/rtx2080…i had some stutter as well…I used the SpecialK overlay which totally helped with frame pacing. Look for more here:

also, I’ve had some huge success with the refresh rate of the glass instruments…gave me maybe 10-15fps more in more complex planes. For a guide look here:

Hope it helps!


I guess depends on your system (or opinion…?). For me (Ryzen 1700, GTX 1070) it’s mostly CPU bottlenecked. I get 29 fps in the TBM 930 due to MainThread limit, 55 in the Icon A5 with GPU being the bottleneck. 25-ish in the A320 and 747, again CPU limited.

Hi @DwainTR I have the same system specification as you and I can get double your frames in NY. Please checkout this video. I don’t have everything on Ultra though - remember it’s how good it looks not how high you crank up the settings.


I have no experience with 144 Hz Monitors. Is there a way to set it to fixed refresh rate?

If yes, can you test to set 60 Hz and then enable V-Sync in the sim with limitation to 60 fps? Also disable G-Sync and Freesync.

What are your graphical settings, e.g. terrain level of detail, render scaling and object level of detail?

Every setting is default ultra. I should be getting something over 40-50 I believe. I don’t know what the problem is. I checked HW monitor, temps are normal, around 80 for CPU. And utilization overall is 30%. But one of the cores mostly remains around 90%. And the rest are 30-50%

I see many people have CPU details and Framerates details at top left of their screens. Does that screen show up if you had the Steam version? I can only see the FPS with the developer mode at top right of the screen.

Hi Dwain,

Might be a stupid question, but how fast is running your CPU? Does it boost up to 5GHZ or is it stuck on base speed?

It’s at 5 Ghz constant.

Any background processes running like one drive or antivirus? They used to ■■■■ the life out of my PC.

I have a I7 8700k with boost clock at 4.69GHZ and my frames are decent. I mostly fly in wilderness though and I run around 60 fps constant switching every ms between Mainthread and GPU limitation. Do you have the same result in less congested areas?

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What about the refresh rate of your monitor?

Most probably you have installed your GPU in PCIe 3.0 x8 slot instead of 16x, I know the bandwidth on x8 is more than enough for current gen GPU but worth checking on that tho.

It’s 144 Hz.

I have nod32 antivirus yes. But do you think that’d kill the FPS?

If it’s running at the same time, it might. Can you make an exception on your FS2020 folders?


Worth a shot anyway…

There is a game mode. I turned it on. I guess that should be enough for virus protection. But I don’t think the problem is that. I don’t know what to check anymore.

It’s on x16 slot mate. Just double checked.