27 jully update problems

i’ve download and install the update and i allready see several things that i don’t like:

  • why each button or command in the cockpit is put in highlight with a kind of help or explanation to use it when my mouse pointer goes on it? i’m not using a pad on a Xbox :slight_smile: i’m on pc with a mouse!

  • it appears that most of my optional modules have to be downloaded again (20 gig…) but i’ve allready intalled the 40 gig update, i thought that everything should have been updated

  • the mouse pointer tends to desappear and it’s not eager to come back :roll_eyes:

Hello @ubik75019 .

According to the change logs there may be options in the menu concerning mouse highlighting.
The known issues propose a workaround for the mouse disappearing:


Please open separate topics for each point, after searching for similar threads if you stiil have an issue. This will make assistance easier. For discussion about the new SU5 update, please use the #community:general-discussion-feedback category.

Thank you.