2d mode in Oculus desktop black screen in Quest 2

When I’m using my Oculus Quest 2 in their desktop environment so I can see my pc screens (I have 2 monitors), if MSFS is in focus, VR becomes super laggy. It seems like this is only while in the MSFS menu screens, when it’s in a flight it seems ok. I’ve tried reducing the PC resolution and graphics settings, which makes a big difference. With higher settings, the whole screen was going black and iirc MSFS and the Oculus app may have crashed. If I bring another window in focus, this stops. I’ve seen one other old thread that sounded kind of similar: Oculus Quest 2 Glitches when MSFS has main focus but it’s from a while ago.
Anyone else having this problem?
I’m using the Steam version.
It occurs both in and out of developer mode.
Video of the issue: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Oculus Quest 2 desktop bug - YouTube
My pc is i9-9900K, 32GB ram, RTX2080 running Windows 11 Home, 21H2 22000.376.
MSFS build version:

If any devs read this, while you’re fixing this bug, could you please also make it so I can load a flight plan while in vr :slight_smile: ? At the moment, it opens the standard windows explorer open file dialog but it’s hidden behind the MSFS window so it’s not possible to open a flight plan in vr. This happens both in VR mode and in 2d mode in oculus desktop.