2D view on monitor while in VR

It passed almost a year since the last thread with this question.

Is there any way to get plain 2D view on monitor, while running the FS in VR mode (WMR/HP Reverb G2)?

The thing is… I’d like to take some of my friends for a ride. As the shared cockpit still not supported, I`m using workaround by flying with external instruments while watching the stupid stereoscopic view on the monitor. While sometimes this can be almost useful, it is practically impossible to fly (without crashing, at least) if the passenger (wearing the HMD) looks anywhere but the cockpit in front of his/her eyes). Not to mention landing or any complex maneuvers involved.

Is there any workaround for this… FSUIPC with wideview… is it working in VR mode?

Also, if someone has tried it already - is there any way for FS2020 to “drive” two HMDs with exact same view, like clone view with two displays? It`s very frustrating when I’m not able to show anyone how the flight really looks like or to train some for them how to fly.

There’s no in built solution to these problems, no. However I’ve not tried FSUIPC as you mentioned. Let us know how you get on with that.

If you can run a second instance of MSFS on another machine, YourControls is a freeware addon which allows a shared cockpit. I’ve used it recently. Works very well.

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Thank you very much for the hint! I’ll check YourControls, to see what it offers regarding my idea! :slight_smile:

I do a primitive method, I let my passenger sit in my motion VR cockpit smile I sit outside, then I fly the airplane by looking at my 2D screen

So far my passengers have been happy