2nd monitor on integrated graphics

Regarding MSFS, what are the best options to run a second monitor without too much impact on performance? My PC’s processor (i7 7700K) has integrated graphics from which I presently get 20+ FPS in both FSX and P3D. I’m initially leaning toward running MSFS windowed in one monitor, with the PC desktop in the other monitor.

One option:
Main monitor from dedicated card’s HDMI
Aux monitor from dedicated card’s DVI
Integrated graphics disabled

Another option
Main monitor from dedicated card’s HDMI
Aux monitor from integrated graphics

Or should I instead forego the aux monitor altogether and disable the integrated card in Device Manager when using MSFS to save RAM that would otherwise be shared as VRAM?

Surely there are other people out there using more than one monitor that also run MSFS. What has been your experience?


It is almost always best to drive both monitors from the dedicated GPU. They are designed for this. What dedicated GPU do you have?

I havn’t been able to use this sim on more than one monitor, as in create a new windows (with a different view) and undock it, like in previous sims

The multimonitor support with MSFS is very bad. You can use windows span function to define all monitors as one big one or you can have MSFS on one monitor and popout some windows like ATC, VFR Map, some popout instruments.

Or you use second monitor for other applications, but when you leave the MSFS windows with the mouse, you loose most of the controls in the sim :frowning:

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Thanks GoSammy, yes I feared this was the case :frowning:

I’m using a 2nd monitor connected to my main GPU (2070 Super) for running little nav map.
I do have an integrated GPU as well but it’s currently switched off. I hadn’t considered using it for the 2nd monitor.
But running little nav map and a few open chrome tabs on my 2nd screen is not causing any performance problems in the sim (task manager reports it as using 0.7% of my CPU a Ryzen 3700X).
I don’t find that I lose any control over the plane when I mouse click into the 2nd monitor, I can still use the joystick controls OK, I just have to click back on the main screen window again to use the mouse on that screen.

Yes, I have been doing that as well, but you can’t create another view in MSFS2020 (say the view from the passenger window, in the A320) and undock it to another monitor like we could in FSX/P3D, sadly

Yes, I don’t think that’s possible yet but I’m sure I’ve seen mention of multi monitor support being added at a later date.

One thing that doesn’t work for me is trying to pop out the vfr screen to the 2nd monitor.
I’m lead to believe it’s working for many but when I try, it crashes the Sim, have to do a reset of PC to get out of it.
Not sure if it’s because my 2nd monitor in not a G-Sync monitor like my main one.
I will have to play around with that at sometime but as it crashes at every attempt it’s a long wait to get PC rebooted and the sim loaded up again (well 5 mins seems like an age when you just want to go flying)

I dont use the VFR screen in MSFS, I find it a bit too “cartoony” for my liking, just like it was in FS and P3D. Just download the free VFRMap, run vrfmap.exe and launch a browser window. That works very well, and can be used on another monitor. I use it all the time now

Agreed, it’s not a very good VFR map and now I’ve got Little Nav map connected I can use that, but sometimes I find that has a bit too much clutter and I want something a bit simpler to just check my position.
I will give your suggestion a try, thanks.

Thanks for all the input, guys, all very helpful.
@Sartanius, the video card is the GTX 970. Far from ideal for MSFS, but will have to do for now.

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