2nd Version of A320Neo Mod is out

Would setting your sim rate to fast until it’s aligned work?

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If you start from cold & dark and you are using the mod which in a near future is going to be a study-level plane then you have enough things to do while the ADIRS align. So I would say it is ok to have a quick align button but is really not something you can’t live without.


how is the flight display screens turned on? they are all blacked out I had figured out to increase the brightness but still I get an error on the screen saying map not loaded? its not really a game error I dont think but just says in red map not loaded

Follow the checklists. With this mod you have a little more to do compared to the default A320.


I have gone thru every one up until takeoff and it still did not come on

Electrical power -> brightness -> align ADIRS -> wait like 5 mins -> there you go

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So I’ve been using this mod for a while now but had a small problem.

My Taxi lights are not working. I am able to see them when i set them to T/O mode but not TAXI.

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It is weird, I have been using the mod also for a while and the taxi lights work ok, however I found a problem with the emergency lights, I couldn’t arm them anymore and I hadn’t had that problem before.

Will this be related?

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what chk list is this in?

There’s one in the A320 megapack now :slight_smile:


It is not a checklist as it is, that is what I do as soon as the flight is loaded because the alignment takes long.

Thanks. Is there a version of the A320 megapack that works with Flight Simulator 2020? AFIK, the A320 megapack is for FSX and CLink’s megapack doesn’t have this livery yet.

Hmm. I’ve definitely got one on my system, and I’m 90% sure it’s from the megepack from msfsaddons.com . But there’s also one available to download at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bOCz4giwyKFHFe5g3dp3Yyi9QrQKUSd8 (which is listed in the ‘Master A320Neo Livery List’ thread on this forum.)

I just had a strange issue where I started my engines as usual, but then right before TO, I realized engine 1 was no longer running. And I couldn’t get it to restart at all.


This is being reported as a vanilla bug with today’s update. But this mod will also need to be updated.

I understand now that it’s an issue with the patch #2, not the A320NX mod.

It looks like keeping the APU running will fix it???

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Anybody know if there is a potential fix for this rolling left or right just befor landing it is so annoying !!!

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Thanks for the help. I found it. It isn’t in CLink’s Megapack v8 and it isn’t even listed in the link you gave me, but it is there in the link on the “Master A320 Neo Livery List” thread: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/master-a320neo-livery-list/167041. I didn’t think to check the link originally, since I couldn’t find it on in any of the usual mod sites. For anyone looking for it, the link to the Frontier livery for A320 NEO is here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8iujbvvdrdiaieh/FRONTIER-Airlines.zip/file

Had the same issue doing Guadalajara to Mexico City. Engine One turned off on taxi randomly and I could not restart it.

Glorious. All praise to the A320. Blessed be its name in heaven and on earth.