2xLEMD - Madrid

So I have LatinVFR’s LEMD and there is the Asobo Version.
I manually remove/delete the Asobo LEMD from the Official-Onestore as I do not want any conflict between the 2 variations. When I close MSFS and later start it again , after “checking for updated” MSFS insists I install Asobo’s LEMD with no options not to(I DO NOT WANT IT) and will not load until I have installed Asobo’s LEMD. Why oh Why I ask.
Another thing…today loading MSFS for the first time and going past the “checking for updates” and msfs is now starting to load…CTD. I’ve not altered or changed anything since yesterday.
And some more…the FBW A320 - stable version will only work with the 2 liveries included in the download and no addon liveries. CTD CTD CTD everytime(even when it says confirmed working with SU5). The FBW A320 and all addon liveries worked perfectly before SU5,…so what did Mr Microsoft and Mrs Asobo do in SU5 to screw all this up.

I need some inspiration and a “We will make a seperate MSFS2021 version for the X-Box” and leave the PC version alone in future.

Please open a separate thread to discuss FBW in the #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft - you have way too many sub-topics in this post.

Moved to #bugs-and-issues:airports in the meantime for Asobo’s LEMD. Please use the Bug report template to provide specific details and consider opening a Zendesk ticket - this is the only official way to get a defect dispositioned by the Dev Team. Thanks.

If you want to remove an official content. Do not delete the folder. MSFS will think the file is missing and redownload the missing file.

Instead use the Content Manager inside the sim under you Profile menu. Find the Asobo LEMD and Delete it from there. By using the Content Manager to delete addons, you’re saving the config that you no longer want that content to be installed so the sim doesn’t treat it as a missing content.

What I usually do, is actually remove every addon from the content manager. So that only the Mandatory Content is the only one left. Then I just manually manage my addon in the community folder. That way, no more conflicts.

Hello @Grumpy3355 ,

for the future:
As far as I am aware, it is not necessary to delete airports in this case.
If two airports are installed, that address the same area, only one will be loaded. To be more precise: Only the airport should be loaded that is last in the content.xml.
For example: I have the sims handcrafted LOWI installed and also installed Orbx’s LOWI.
When I fly there, only the later airport is shown. I did not delete anything.

Happy flying.

Isn’t that still a risky though? What if the sim loads the handcrafted LOWI instead of the ORBX’s LOWI? What if the former is loaded last in the content.xml? Isn’t it more difficult to maintain if we’re leaving it up to chance?

I think it’s still better to manage your content appropriately, not only it would avoid doubling things up, but also saving your storage space for having 1 fewer content that you’ll never use anyway.

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@Neo4316 .
As far as I am aware, the priority of 3rd party content should always be higher then asobos own content and therefore should not be loaded (tested LOWI to make sure). If you have two 3rd party airports, then you clearly have to adjust the order manually or delete one airport anyway.
Therefore I don’t really see it as a risk or problem to maintain the content.xml file.
I do think though, from a space perspective it makes more sense to delete the duplicate airport, as long as you don’t make frequent changes that would require you to potentially redownload the content, which may be a hassle.
I don’t prefer the second method (deleting the original airport content), since I do not trust the sim enough yet. Currently I have the feeling, that if I delete any default content, even if it seems unrelated, it may break my sim in some way in the long run. But that is just a gut feeling though xD.

We would not have had all these problems if it were not for the X-Box and SU5. MSFS2020 was working fantastically well until then. There’s a saying “IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT”. They did not fix anything for the PC user of MSFS2020 in SU5, but just about wiped everything out.
Why should I open a seperate thread for the FBW A320…it is sanctioned by Microsoft/Asobo and is available as a free download in the Marketplace.
To say that I am annoyed by SU5 and the destruction of a perfectly good working sim is putting it mildly.

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Well, yeah… but I’m under the impression that is only the case for contents that are contained within the Mandatory content (like autogen airports, etc). Asobo’s LOWI and all the other handcrafted airports like YSSY are treated as a separate contents. So if I have both Asobo YSSY and FlyTampa YSSY. While you may be right that the game treats it as an order of priority for third-parties. It still poses a risk where if the third party doesn’t have a specific file that the Asobo one has, then it would load the Asobo in, merging the sceneries together.

I had a few instances like this before with my payware VHHH and Hong Kong scenery. Where the VHHH pack has the road bridge included, but the Hong Kong scenery has the same bridge included as well. In my sim, I’m seeing double bridges coming from both addons rendered simultaneously.

I just think that this much safer to just remove the content for the ones you don’t want to use.

Well yes, but actually no… FBW A320 isn’t sanctioned by Microsoft/Asobo. They’re just posted the content in the marketplace for people to use if they want to. Just like every other content being posted there.

Working fantastically is subjective. MSFS is going to be a long term app, it’s not going to stay exactly the same going 10 years forward. That’s just the nature of Software as a Service in this era. Nothing stays the same anymore. There’s always new things coming, new content, new changes. And yes, some of them may change the way we used to do things. But it’s the nature of technology these days.

The best thing we can do is to keep on top of them. I’m like you too, SU5 changes a lot of things, like the Cockpit Interaction, the way the sim renders objects now. And I do experience the change the first day I have SU5 installed. But for me, I already expected this. So I’m ready for them. I read the patch release notes, do some flight testing, see what’s different now, and make it work for me Go back to the options, make some adjustments, and also make adjustments on my own flying style. Now, I’m enjoying my flying 2 hours a day, livestreaming to my YouTube channel.

This saying doesn’t apply in the 21st century anymore. Change is something that is certain, along with death and taxes. If you’re not constantly changing, either leading the change or adapting to the changes you’ll be left behind.

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I fail to see how this relates to the Topic Author’s problem. Overlapping sceneries have been a challenge in previous versions of Flight Simulator before MSFS and certainly before SU5. You are not addressing that concern. Kindly please stay on topic. Thank you.

No you are wrong. Before SU5 I could uninstall asobo’s LEMD in the content manager and now you cannot as it is not a seperate entity or install. It is now included in a package.

Respectfully, you need to spend more time in the sim menu.

Search on LEMD using the search bar as shown below. It will point out that it’s part of the Deluxe Upgrade package.

You can select entire packages (screenshot 1) then use the Hamburger Menu (dots plus stacked lines) to the right, to see the individual contents of that package.

Screenshot 1:

Once in there, you can SELECT individual items for installation or removal (see screenshot 2). As you can see, you can REMOVE LEMD without impacting the other pieces of the package.

Screenshot 2:

Apologies,…I will look again and remove it.

Yes you Are right, i need to spend more time in the Sim menu.
Found and deleted Microsoft EKRN.
Out of FS2020, restart PC, and back into FS2020.

Regards /steen

I think that this is a temp fix but in reality its up to LVFR to fix the issue. I have many add on airports from many providers and only the LVFR LEMD airport has issues.

LVFR Madrid breaks the ILS. LVFR airports almost all do this. Time for an update LatinVFR ?

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It would appear that ASOBO updates are not a friend of LVFR, lets hope that they act quickly to resolve the issues that we are clearly facing.

If you’ve not done so then I have attached a link to the LVFR forum where you can ask them to look at this problem directly?


OK, thanks.

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I can not access LVFR forums. I’ve tried many times now to join/log in, to no avail. I have used a great work around for all airports. Installed Navigraph Data Center then moved the Navigraph nav line in the content.xml file to the bottom and hey presto all my airports are now working correctly with the ILS.