3/18/21 Someone needs to kick the weather server

Here in NE Ohio, heavy rain and wind. In-game world map the system looks to be in the position from 24 hours ago.
Although, I’d take this issue if they’d fix the framerate snafu


Same here. I tried to fly out of KCVG expecting rain. Nope, just a few clouds.

Interestingly enough KBGM reports rain in top right corner flight conditions as it should. However if you look at the world map the cloud coverage is not updated and the area is clear. When I load into sim it doesn’t load the rain but shows mostly clear skies

I’ve noticed that in the sim for the few flights I’ve been able to do since the last update. What’s visible in the weather icon on the world map is typically indicative of actual conditions, but doesn’t match what’s in the sim.

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