3 CTD in one Sunday afternoon with zero mods loaded

I’ve REALLY had enough. I am not employed as your QA engineers, pay for your own! After a bunch of crashes in the Pacific North West today I disabled mods for WTG1000 and G36, yet here I am STILL unable to fly between Seattle and Portland without this thing crashing to desktop. Stop wasting my time, I am so sick of how brittle this sim is and would rather go read a book at this point. **********************************************


Can I get my money back (deluxe payment here) ? I am so sick of this mess.

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And YES my community folder is empty before anyone tries to make my blood boil. This sim is like trying to build a house out of balsa wood, SORT IT OUT.

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Come on man . Chill down … you are going to miss it.
I understand your anger , you are not alone.
Pull the plug on your machine.
Go have a long walk. I said long.
And do NOT try again before tomorrow.
It is That brittle, it may even start ok with both of your mods present.

Wanna bet ? :innocent:



Today it has not been possible to depart OR land without it crashing, with zero mods loaded. What is the use of this sim if you can’t do either of those things? What’s the point?

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I’ve managed to complete all of 2 flights so far out of more than a dozen. I keep crashing to desktop. Doesn’t matter if I have my whole cockpit setup and my regular community folder mods or whether I’m vanilla with nothing but my XBOX controller.


Same here. I tried 3 different flights and the sim crashed at the start of each.

And the Xbox version isn’t even out yet. Hoo boy.


That’s what I do when I can’t fly… :slight_smile:

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The CTDs I’m getting are not like ones in the past. Windows plays the “Windows chime” sound, which I don’t think it used to, and on two occasions I got new error modals I hadn’t seen before.

I’m done sending crash reports to ZenDesk - I have a day job already.

I am sooooo close to turning my back on the sim at this point and may never return.

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Try rebuilding your rolling cash. Had the same as you. Uninstalled all of the mods. Deleted rolling cash. Restarted sim. Re-enabled rolling cash. Also make sure windows is up to date as that also seems to affect the sim in my experience.


I’m not sure if this has only happened to me but ever since the latest Hotfix update, I have received more CTDs after taking off from London Gatwick Airport on the A32NX aircraft!

My Community Folder is not empty and has a fair amount of liveries added! Most of the Graphics Settings are on the “High” setting!

The white “circular loading wheel” keeps appearing every few seconds as I fly around as well. And when that happens, it freezes my screen eventually and then a CTD happens!

400 NM+ trip to the east from Denver, halfway through, CTD. Stopped close to an airport, so restarted the flight from that airport as if that’s what I wanted to do… LOL! Took off, finished the flight (not without ATC changing the LOC landing runway on me twice, Grrrr…). I’m just happy to be flying at all.

Is that poor level of stability normal for you (e.g. since WU3) or only since WU4?

I’ve been traveling around the world and have been mostly in remote regions the past month (eastern Russian to Canada), so I’m not sure if my crashes are due to returning to populous areas or WU4 or something else entirely.

Yup…i beat stutters,i got CTD’s

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Rosanne Rosannadannovich “It’s always sumthin’”

What are your pc specs? And is your cpu overclocked?

5 flights started this afternoon. Only 1 completed. This is extremely frustrating. I wasn’t able to play before due to ■■■■ performance, and now I can play, but can’t finish a flight due to crashing.

If anybody were to ask you about your CF, it’s not because we’re trying to make your blood boil. We’d be trying to help you eliminate possible causes. You sound like your just here to vent since you provide ZERO information for anyone to work with other than a CTD when flying between Seattle and Portland. If you care to share at least what aircraft and what exact airports, I would like to fly it myself to check it out. You’ve posted at least 6 times in your thread and still given no relevant info to work with.

You inquire about a refund which makes one think you haven’t had MSFS very long. What’s your PC build / specs? Have you EVER had mods installed in MSFS? Is your PC loaded to the gills with who knows what? Or is it a relatively new and clean build. Internet weak or strong? HDD or SSD or M2? RAM amount? Give the community something to work with and maybe someone can at advise you.

You should at the very least, on this website, go to the FAQ and see if anything may be relevant to your issue. I assume no Payware add-ons either? That’s all we can do is assume until you share more details. The one small detail you did provide about the Windows chime sounding makes me think whatever is happening may not be directly caused by MSFS. And please explain what you mean by " new error modals" because that needs to be clarified also.


It would be awesome, if you could share your event viewer details about the application error. Maybe we can isolate your issue with the information it provides. Here are details on how to use the event viewer.


Something’s probably going on with the servers. Extreme stutters today as opposed to Friday evening. Logged a bug since “Hotfix” dropped. To me, it looks like someone picked a version pre-WU3, slapped France and Benelux on it and let it out. I am currently fighting with ATC over altitude and with the AP in the C172, feels like I went back in time 6 months