3 days of issues with update

I’ve had it. I have never had issues with updates before and had been playing the game with ZERO issues before this.
It gets to a certain point, usually at 98 percent, and loops back to about 20 percent. It just stays in a constant loop and eventually freezes if left too long.

Pause the Install and Exit when it gets near to where it looped the first time (i.e., don’t let it loop). Restart sim. It will eventually make it past that loop point, but it may take you a few times to do it.

I’ve been file looping since Sim Update 4.

Sorry, and acknowledging the hard work the moderators put into these forums, but this is like getting a letter from Ford saying, “We know a lot of you are having trouble starting your cars, but if you just push it down the hill a few times, it’ll finally get going.”

My situation is identical to the OP’s, and in all my experience with simming and its hinterlands of updates and addons, when a thing doesn’t work, particularly as being described by the OP (never had install issues before–something IS bugged in this update package), it is broken, and the provider needs to identify the error hiding in the download, and fix it.

It’s actually fairly easy to identify this irresponsible behaviour (failing to acknowledge obvious bugs) among several third party developers, and despite MS’s attempts to play cozy and familiar with this community, MS is now doing exactly the same thing. I mean, who wouldn’t delay a twitch stream, knowing full well it will be on fire with complaints about installation problems with this particular update? …problems MS is completely unprepared to acknowledge.