3-hour mission/bush trip in Hawaiʻi


For many of us in North America winter has arrived. This leads the mind to fond memories of traveling and flying in Hawaiʻi.

Don’t worry about the snow and cold, we’ve got your back - today we have released a 3-leg mission.

Trip Distance: 286 nm
Flying Time: 2h39m

Merry Christmas from all of us at Force 1024

LOL… A 3 leg mission is $5? And it ends where it began? OK then. Michael Bonocore charges $5 for 15 legs or so… It’s your prerogative but… This is a pass for me.

@BostonJeremy77 Thanks for your feedback. For what its worth, that is $5 CAD. Of course it’s your prerogative to pass. Happy Holidays.