3 hours yesterday, upgrade RAM from 16 > 32 today

… and now I get CTD every time at the World Map zooming in. Rebooted, powered down and back on, several times, same thing. Unbelievable.

Oh well, back to BMS Dev it is then! Fun while it lasted. LOL.

Are you having problems anywhere else? Are the new RAM sticks the same as the old ones?

Have you done a stress test on the ram? MemTest86 is a good option.

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Make sure u use the Bios tool if you have a newer motherboard. I have MSI and it shows the voltage etc. A crash to desktop can be software related but it can also be caused by other things, voltage level etc. Do you have 4x8 or 2x16?

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2 x 8 is now 4 x 8 - Corsair Vengeance Black 3200Mhz but still set at 2133 (no XMP).

Will stress test using MemTest386 and report back but system appears to be stable currently (I know)

Check your board specs.
I doubt very much you will be able to enable the xmp profile if you use 4 sticks of ram.
Probably 2666 at best.

As it’s only running at bog standard 2133 it looks like it might be a faulty ram stick.

Try booting up with just your new ram (2 x 8) with xmp enabled and see how you get on.

Good luck :slight_smile:

And in the windows event viewer ??

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I upgraded my RAM yesterday also, works a treat. Make sure the bios does not have an XMP profile for the all RAM not compatible with your current. If you changed the clockspeed or even the timings with the new ram the XMP profile will likely be unstable. Firstly try running without the profile then if stable create a new 1.

IF your BIOS allows, save your current profile and then reset the BIOS and create a new one and try that. Sounds like a hardware fault tbh. Def MemTest…

@Garack666 - Where exactly did I blame Microsoft?

Sry i missread that

i have 32GB
16 is ADATA and the other 16 is Kingston with no issues both are DDR4 2400Mhz and XMP profile is active

That’s a risky move. In the future, try to get it all the same.

i know but i couldn’t fined any adata ram so i make sure that its the same MHz and every thing went great

Yes mixing ram sticks especially different manufacturers is frought with danger not a good idea sorry

Update - I ran MemTest86 for four cycles overnight and today all seems well. I did get a CTD on finals into Southampton England which was annoying but at least I can plan and fly again. Reading elsewhere some suggest live traffic might have an influence on the Finals CTD, but for now…