3 mile final set-up

I’m trying to do some crosswind landings and start from a 3 miles out at 1,500 MSL, so I select a custom departure point of about 3 miles and it says 1,500 feet, but when I load the flight I’m at 8,500. Can’t figure out why… anybody know if a simple way to set something like this up?

Did you go into navlog and set 1500’ there? You should be able to set your starting altitude there, but on occasion I do that and still start at a different altitude. When I’ve done it, it also doesn’t always seen to change the altitude under the start point at the top of the map.

No the navlog in the upper right area of the mission planning map before you go into the flight. Regards

Get a program called FSiPanel. It will do exactly what you want.