3 monitors question

Does anyone know if the developers are going to support 3 monitors in the sim.? If not, I may want to get a 37 inch monitor but I have question regarding “Wide” monitors. If you use a wide monitor does it just stretch the picture, thus distorting it, or does it account for the aspect ratio? I suspect there is someone out there that has a “wide”.


there are vidoes on youtube of people using mutiple monitors, I dont know how they are doing it i havent really watched them much

If you get a wide monitor, the image fills the entire screen with no distortion. You just see more off to the sides. I run the Samsung 49" ultrawide. It’s glorious.

good luck driving 3 monitors with this game. I just picked the biggest 1440p monitor i could find. It’s great, and I think this is an ideal resolution for games. (personally)

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I have an odd match of 3 monitors; 23" and two 17". I run the sim in windowed mode, stretched to around halfway onto each side monitor and adjusted for height. The image distorts on the outside monitors, just like my peripheral vision does IRL. I steer my viewpoint around with saved custom camera views via my Tartarus controller.

I suspect that 3 monitors would have an impact on the video card. That’s a lot of pixels to draw.

In the most recent update, they have multiple monitor support listed in their Backlog of items as a Work in Progress, so they are working on it but there is no firm timeline on when it may be implemented.