3 monitors setup, which resolution can handle a RTX3090 in ultra?

This (for example) was separated and did not specify MSFS so I assumed the user meant triples in general, used across many simulations… such comments and opinions can be found across many forums, most of which are posted by users who either never used or owned triples.

And users assumed I was talking about MSFS the entire time when I never specified “MSFS”

So there lies the confusion.

To clarify:
NO, I do not advice to use triples (yet)
NO, I have not experienced MSFS on triples.
NO, i do not have an opinion regarding fish-eye effects in MSFS

Again, I already stated that to my knowledge and findings - it is NOT natively supported by FS2020.
Therefore I would not recommend it and would expect undesired results.

That would be the idea.
Would be far less headaches to set up and configure compared to 3-screens, no bezels, etc.
The DPI/PPI for its size would be pretty wild and demanding.

I had tried Samsung’s earlier $1000 1080p version of the curved 49s but ended up going back to 40in 4K for a cockpit due to its vertical size being very narrow.
Sometimes its best to keep things simple.

Personally plan to be back in a cockpit again next year (sold all of ours a bit ago) and if the curved options dont reach 3 screens I will probably do triples again.
(not just for MSFS, mainly for DCS and racing)

Do you want the NOW or LATER answer?
Each one is its own discussion.

Now - dont do it, performance is already an issue
Later - maybe, maybe not, who knows, but we can all speculate

All anyone here can answer is NOW.

As mentioned many times til now, MSFS does not support triple/multi-monitor and obviously many experience undesired effects/results because of this.
Performance expectations are going to be anyones best guess until natively support is added. Many things will change between now and then as well leaving us all clueless what ti expect.

A lot is expect to change with the next patch or two. Maybe ask this question again if support is added and performance is improved.

Note: Apparently the runway lights being on 24/7 is part of the base code and for now cant be fixed … so about holding your breath for big changes to this sim … breathe deep.

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I will add that with TrackIr you dont see too much of the stretchy bits, the only real issue I have is the runway lights being stretched wide (compiled oddly and anti-alliassed badly) and the odd other aircraft you actually see looking like a flying LED TidePods (stretch/anti-alliassing)

Also flying the 172 a lot helps, the giant posts line up well with the monitor gaps

Does the lens correction graphic setting help with the stretching?

I actually feel it makes it worse.

Bloom and lens correction are my goto dont need you’s

I like bloom… loving the effect of iris trying to adjust on bright light and moving eyes to a dark place and vice versa. But to each their own I guess.

I’m only using a single 4K TV so I turn them both on.

Well I like bloom this game tends to run BLOOM in my opinion … yes the sun is a bit drab without it but… how often do I really look at the sun?

Depends on your flight you’re bound to at what time. Westbound flight at late afternoon tends to have the sun glaring at you from the front.

The OP asked a question on the forum of flightsimulator.com ,
So the answer is for msfs and not halo on xbox , that’s another forum on another site.

As if people only discuss MSFS on this forum… according to you all topics and opinions are about MSFS and nothing else within this forum - they are not.
There are many many topics and opinions that are not strictly focused on MSFS within this forum.

The OP also asked a question no one can answer and did no research before doing so.

It is not natively supported by MSFS, topic closed, simple as that.

I use three monitors every day, topic is fine.

Then according to you and others in this topic - you aren’t discussing MSFS anymore… you are discussing “three monitors” as I have been.

MSFS does not support multiple monitors so all we are left with here is in fact the use of multiple monitors itself.

The OP might as well be asking how to enable Ray-Tracing in MSFS and how well his/her RTX 3090 will handle it in Ultra… followed by a bunch of negative feedback about how bad it looks.

I’m bailing out of this discussion.

Thanks to all that have answered, my question is also another… i’ve attach a file with numbers of pixels to know also the difference of performances impact from 1 monitor 4k for example vs 3 monitors quad hd…

I know and understand that at the moment is not supported yet the best view with 3 monitors…but as i said the question was also another :wink:

Remember if it is getting there, there will be another problem “fps” three monitors at what resolution you want in multi monitor setup means three different angles for a square cockpit view
45° angle, or stretched view 22.5° degree angle, 5 monitors will be better. But can you imagine what your graphics card will do, it just can’t handle it al that rendering in different angles
I hope im wrong

I have used three 4K LG 27 inch monitors since day one of MSFS 2020 and am very satisfied.


Do you know the resolution limit of msfs 2020. I have one 34” (3440x1440), and was thinking of just adding two 27” monitors left and right. I am now reading that the monitors need to be the same size to use NVIDIA Surround. It seems this gives a better result than stretching the screen in windowed mode across the 3 screens. But would msfs2020 handle 3x(3440x1440) monitors ?

I’m running it on this resolution fullscreen in the swiss alps with downscale in usercfg.opt and upscale in render

Fps cap 34 fps in nvcpanel

But the game can run up to 8k i believe maybe more if upscaled in secondaryscaling