3 Months After VR Launch - Any Better?

Simple answer NO!

3 months ago when MS Sim was launched as VR ready - I clocked up several days of configuring, reading forums etc! To finally get a barely usable 28-32fps

I decided today to upgrade all drivers
and Downloaded the latest Flight Sim update 3

Launch Through Steam
Opened in a room with a MS Flight Sim splash screen loading
Lots of jarring juddering glitches as the progress bar moved forward - no excuse for this we are not even in full 3d mode yet!

Inside cockpit in VR 3d and are the controllers any use…

Why is this a VR ready product!??

Flight Sim enthusiasts may tell you 30fps is pretty good for a sim… but this is VR!

I’m not going to bother with VR for this product - it’s a perfectly decent piece of software for 3d on a 2d screen but pretending it’s good in VR just doesn’t cut it!

I’m a techy but can’t get it working. But I have weird situation.
I have VIVE (I no longer use) it’s downstairs. I have Quest (1)
I have used it to wifi from my downstairs computer to upstairs.
I have done this with virtual desktop. (works fairly well).

I have new i9 upstairs with FS2020 from MSFT store.
I have older i7 downstairs with FS2020 from STEAM.

I have only used VD to the downstairs computer with steam.
Must I still use steam?

Any way to quest(1) upstairs on new PC? I have tried the cable but it always says it’s USB 2.0. I know it’s not. Maybe it’s the cable? But I have the ANKER “C” cable that is said to work?

Maybe I need to bite the bullet and get the Oculus 75.00 cable?
If I have the cable so I still use VD? on location machine? Or will the wire to the upstairs PC work direct with MSFT STORE version of FS2020? Is steam required? (I’d prefer not to use steam vers).
LOVING FS2020 I’ve had ALL previous versions from early 80’s and was never THRILLED with any of them. I’m finally THRILLED. It’s real.

Comment - why are threads closed a month after last reply? They data is still relevant? why close it?
I was even impressed with the 2D display on the quest… I could not get VR working but a huge screen (2D) in the headset was still amazing.
Clear, sharp… I need to get it working.

If you have Oculus, use @TonyTazer1504’s setup guide linked here.

You need to follow it exactly, ditch any preconceptions you might have.

I have the Quest 2 and I’m having a lovely time with usual caveats of course, namely only flying in places like UK Bristol, Florida keys, Bahamas that aren’t affected by bad performance at the moment, and I’m getting a solid 30-36fps.

That might not be enough for some people which is fair enough but 30-40fps is the best we guna get right now even with a 3090.

If you and others are happy with sub par product for VR so be it.

But spending hours tinkering with what feels like a VR beta product to squeeze a few for more frames to get a non nauseating time is not my idea of fun!

VR works for me.

Hands down the closest I have ever come to real flying in 40 years of flight simming.
You need a beefy PC, but then the result is just breathtaking.

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What is your spec and what is your FPS?

I absolutely think VR got better since the December launch.

My VR setup is a Quest 1 through ALVR wireless (similar to virtual desktop) which uses SteamVR. Back in December, I got it working with ok framerates and visual quality. For my system, a render scale of 80 was the sweet spot.

But there was an odd ‘warping’ of the view when moving my head up and down. Like the projection was just a little bit off. This made it slightly nauseating and not as immersive.

Since the Quest is my son’s, I just went back to regular 2D mode and only tried again recently after the most recent update. When I played in VR this time, the warping projection was gone, performance seemed a little better and I was able to switch back to 100 render scaling.

The graphics are degraded compared to how I would have it on a monitor, but to me, that’s understandable considering that VR is probably twice as demanding as in 2D.

And I run a fairly low spec PC. i5 3740, 16GB ram and 1660 Super. Framerates are smooth enough to have full VR immersion so I’m satisfied. Fast panning can drop a frame or two, but it get’s back to normal instantly.

Controller support would be a nice addition, but not really essential. The 3D mouse cursor has its own issues but that seems to be down to how the 3D cockpit models have been authored. The hit boxes and collision surfaces need to be considered to give a good user experience. These model issues will likely still be a problem when they enable VR controllers if they leave it as is. And 3rd-parties will need to also pay attention or we’ll keep getting sub-par VR experiences in some addons.

My impression was that we have early access to VR that is still heavily in development and I am very OK with that.

I am usually not a fan of rushing features but for me it is well worth it.

Hopefully we will get an update soon with VR controls and much improved performance.

How about it Asobo? Big group of us who would be thrilled to help with play testing advance features.

64GB Ram
RTX 3090
2 x 2TB M.2 PCIE SSD (one for Windows, one for MSFS).
Reverb G2
Exclusive use for FS, no other programs installed.
Never checked frame rates in VR, but the system runs smooth, only very occasional stutters.

The immersion is incredible. Like I said: I really feel like being inside a cockpit (and actually flying)!

For me VR has improved significantly since the original launch. My first experience was total ■■■■!. I don’t know whether that’s due to any upgrades on Microsoft/Asobo’s part or whether it’s due to all the hours I’ve spent tweaking the software, switching drivers, watching YouTube videos and reading forum messages, but it’s infinitely better now.
I’m having a blast with VR. I have tried to use flat screen from time to time but I feel there is always something missing–realism.

HP Reverb G2
CPU: i7-10700
GPU: RTX 2080

What are you talking about this is thee best VR implementation in any sim ever created, because Asobo/Microsoft said so…:rofl:

Asobo is actively working on optimizing VR performance as the top of their priorities, but I am happy they made VR available that early, even if not optimized yet.
Since I tried VR I find it hard to go back to a 2D screen, even if I have to tune settings down.
My specs: Ryzen 5600X , RTX 3070, 32GB RAM, Valve Index

I don’t think they can do specific optimization on VR side of MSFS. They are working with the OpenXR implementation of each headset (Oculus, SteamVR, WMR). For oculus user (like me) they can implement ASW 2.0 instead of ASW 1.0 which will give a far better quality when retroprojection is ON, but I don’t dream, this is Oculus specific, so no sure they will spend time on this…
The problem seems to be more on the Sim using too much CPU. It mean optimizing the base sim will automatically benefit for monitor and VR sessions.
They can give more control to us on post processing side, like let us tune them (E.g. the “haze” at the distance) or better: having a slider to set the AA crispness, as it have nearly zero impact on performance and give a sharp image. This is what I can see in various VR apps like Automobilista 2 or in Star Wars Squadrons, where we can keep a renderscale at 100% and get a very crisp image like if we supersample 200%, at no cost at all.

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Again, @SlinkyKnot95495, fair enough…

For some context, in 2020 I was flying the sim in Bootcamp on my 2017 macbook pro.

I decided I wanted to buy a PC dedicated to FS2020 in VR. I watched a lot of youtubers and particularly found my mentality and expectations aligned with VRFlightSimGuy (he was using his old rig at that time with a 1080ti). I decided that if I could match the performance he was getting I would be happy.

So I bought my new PC (specs here & here) and my VR FS2020 performance was actually a bit better than VRFlightSimGuy’s. It’s not been without it’s challenges but I am loving it.

So it’s all subjective. But there are lots of people enjoying the sim in VR and, as mentioned above, the release of VR has been great for people like them and me.

I’m not telling you “You’re expectations are too high” because I don’t think that, I think you’re expectations are different to mine and that’s okay. I am genuinely sorry that you’re not able to enjoy the sim in VR, I do hope it improves for you to a level that you enjoy. I am being sincere here, not being a ■■■■! I agree that the VR implementation is nowhere near as good as a game designed with VR in mind from the ground up.

All I would say is I’m not quite sure I understand the reason for your OP, you seem happy with the sim in 2D and it seems you didn’t buy the sim in order to play it in VR? So I’m sorry you are not enjoying it… but others are… what is your objective here?

Sim ran beautifully in VR prior to the UK update. Ryzen 5600x, RTX 3070, 32GB, Rift S.

Didn’t need to have Oculus Tray Tool running at all.

UK update broke it. It was astonishing when it was running properly.

After getting things set up the best I can with the G2, I’ve had a blast flying the Spitfire in VR. It’s smooth enough on my rig and the flight I had just now over the snow covered Alps near Innsbruck was simply jaw dropping. I lean out the cockpit and catch myself trying to pat the side of a plane that is not really there. Same with trying to reach for the throttle or whatever. Total immersion.

Then I get a CTD after half an hour (seems Radeon 6800 XT cards have a problem with this sim in VR and G2 headsets atm).

Still a work in progress, but so addictive.

Everything in VR can be tuned separately.
Its just a matter of Asobo/Microsoft wanting to take it that far.
A few devs(Flyinside Team) not even on a thousands dollar budget were able to create pretty much every VR option possible for us 5 YEARS AGO.
Everything from world scale adjuster, magnifying glass to color corrections in VR.
Plenty of AA options and other things.
Asobo/MS can do the same if they invest that type of time and energy…
So I have to agree with @SlinkyKnot95495 there are no excuses!

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I agree with both of you, but I can’t say I’m angry, more that I’m really disappointed due to the lack of effort they put on the VR side of this beautiful sim.

But I’m the kind of guy seeing the glass half-full, so I have hope! This sim make a lot of simmer switching into VR and I got the feeling we are more and more numerous to express our point of view, so things can move and will move for sure :slight_smile:

Saying that, back to XP11 and mainly Aerofly FS2 in VR waiting for things to move. It’s disappointing log here each day and not seeing frequent news update from the devs team about all issues we meet.

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Aerofly FS2 has an awesome stable solid VR base to build off.
Surprised the devs didn’t keep running with it, but as mentioned before their scenery shortcuts are probably why it runs so stable and smooth.