3 of my favourite freeware airports

  1. Gatwick EGKK by @mkvy. Probably the best community made freeware airport currently available. Loads of custom assets, super detailed, super polished, masterclass in taxiway signage (all airports should have signs like this!) - Gatwick Airport EGKK Ultra • Flight Simulator 2020

They are working on a new version too - Gatwick EGKK Ultra Star Edition ALPHA • Flight Simulator 2020

  1. Istanbul LTFM by Hayri Buberci, Mali Oguducu. Again, as above, the level of detail on this one is next level. They go further than many payware airports I have seen, just check out the cargo apron for example. Extensive interior modelling too - Istanbul Airport • Flight Simulator 2020

  2. Eindhoven EHEH by spoorobjecten. This is a great representation of the real thing with custom buildings, signage and great level of detail - Eindhoven Airport / EHEH - incl Custom Buildings • Flight Simulator 2020

Bonus - although I think most will already have - Paderborn by Aerosoft. Simply the best freeware airport available. Comparable to their payware offerings, includes the same features such as VDGS and custom jetways. Don’t really need to say more, just get it if you haven’t already.