3 us updates 0 for canada

What gives no content for canada ever

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…two US updates.

If there is no new data to be accessed, no world update will happen. It’s that easy…

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I knew this was going to happen once I saw another US WU. Ready to all the threads that will be started about the US getting another WU :rofl: * Grabs popcorn *


Yup, it’s always the same story… “why not Brazil?” “why not China?” “Why not XYZ???”

People still don’t know that it’s about data from third parties which has to be obtained, collected, processed and packed.

If there is simply no new elevation data and no new imagery available it won’t happen. There isn’t a magician sitting in Asobos basement creating real life data out of thin air :wink:


Canada is coming.


Bro, at least you have photogrammetry in most of your big cities.

Though I’ll admit, Canada sorely needs a refresh in ground textures. Not just in the north, I was flying between Toronto and Montreal the other day and there were huge patches of generic textures.

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ATC also needs some work through there as well. Alot of incorrect ATC frequencies and control areas along the northern shore.

I might add “what about my birth country?”

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Both Canada and Brazil are confirmed coming this year. It’s in the development updates.


Canada is already on the books for this year and has a wishlist


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