30 Minutes With The Piper PA-28R III from JustFlight

I just did a 30 minute early access preview of the PA-28R Arrow III from JustFlight.

Preview starts at 11:00 in the Twitch clip below. Please note this is only a preview build - custom sounds and some FDE tweaks are still being work on currently, but I am very excited for the final release as I already really enjoy the plane.


Really cool model, I’ll be buying it for sure. The red light would be to preserve your night vision.

One thing I noticed is the wear, and tear under the transponder, showing removed paint, is exactly the same texture as in the X-Plane model. I hope this is more than a simple port to MSFS. The same goes for the one handle in the yoke.

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I’m loving it, I have tried just about every addon plane and this would be near the top of my list, if anything I would say the quality is one tier below Carenado, but it’s reasonably close.

Really loving this plane!


Thank you for your review. Very informative. I am definitely getting this one and MAYBE Carenado’s more modern model of arrow.
Do you have an idea when it will be released? This week?

Btw. you were landing in a significant crosswind. That is why you has some issues at landing. It is over exaggerated in MSFS. A crossing of 10-15knts lifts one side of the plane even at take off / landing roll. Not sure how real this is.

My contact at JF said their version should be released early next week, it feels ready to me now so I don’t expect the wait to be much longer.

Add to the crosswind Asobo’s flap bug they introduced and that explains a lot about that landing lol.

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And when the turbo version might come out?

Thank you for sharing that, looking forward to this one.

I really really love the weatherd cockpit texture… But why all knobs are all brand new, bright and shiny? :wink:

PS : author of the video made my day when he insist pushing the door without unlatching it :wink:

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Because it’s a portover from the FSX version. I’ll not be purchasing until it’s a native construction from scratch.
If you can see through the hype you’ll see the textures absolutely ■■■■.

Pity the plane doesn’t offer a GNS530/430 or dual GNS430 combo for added flexibility and two comm radios that support 8.33kHz frequencies :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be surprised indeed. The looks of the interior do remind me more of FSX than of what is possible these days with MSFS.

I think it looks great. I do not think is any worse than Carenado Mooney, which is a really well-done model. And yes, it is a conversion from FSX with higher res textures I believe. Because all scratches and wear and tear are exactly the same in the FSX, XP11 versions.

I have the Mooney as well, but the textures of the interior are way better than it appears on this video and the screenshots. But I might be wrong :wink: Not wanting to be negative, just giving my opinion.

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I don’t think you’re being negative at all - opinions help people make buying decisions, if it’s honest then it should be welcomed.

In this case I agree with you, Carenado is the leader of the pack right now in terms of texture quality - but JF’s Arrow is still a beautiful plane with good character so I really do think it’s a fair “fight”.

The modding community will be fun with these babies!

Not sure how much modding will be possible with the Carenado if the bulk of the content is locked behind encryption.

Hopefully the JF will be more open.

Carenado for eye candy.Defintely getting JF version.Their planes tend to me more on the realistic side.

Nostalgia sells right now! :wink:

It’s cool if they pull from the same source assets when they’re much higher resolution and quality than what’s going into the final game model. I always wondered if that’s why the Icon A5 is in Flight Simulator. Like they had all the assets (and licensing agreements) from Microsoft Flight, but it would also be cool to learn that none of that original material was used.

They’re also the exact same textures that they used for the Warrior II minus the throttle quadrant. (I should know - I changed the upholstery and carpets to blue to match the real world Warrior I learned to fly in.)
I was very disappointed in the sound in FSX/ P3D versions of both aircraft. So much so I couldn’t bear to fly it. That being said I trust they’re bringing brand new sounds to the MSFS 2020 version.

A great many of us talked about this on the forums throughout early/ mid 2020 - how we shouldn’t let devs get away with sub-par portovers. And here we very obviously have one from an established developer unwilling/ unprepared or simply not being bothered to produce new work for the new sim.

Don’t get me wrong - I do like JF stuff but I can’t help thinking they missed a trick here by entering with a brand new model/ textures, etc - not just an old regurgitated FSX job.

Texturing is disappointing. Even in the video so in-game it will look even worse. Justflight used to spam same aircraft variations over and over again but they’re pretty good quality. Depends on the price, if it will be 15-20$ on sale i might get it. Definitely not a full price buy, the quality if way too low. Looks like a competitor to carenado.