30 seconds delay after starting MFS

What is happening in the first 30 seconds after starting Microsoft Flightsimulator?

Clicking the tile to start the flight simulator, nothing is happening, a delay of 30 seconds, half a minute.
My desktop is visable, my mouse cursor is visable, in the taskbar no sign of starting anything.
After 30 seconds a black window appears and Microsoft Flight simulator is starting up.
What is happening in this first 30 seconds?
Very annoying.
In my opinion as a tech alpha insider, the whole loading process takes much more time than in the last alpha version.
My frame rates overall are also much worse than in this last alpha.
Very disappointing.


I’m seeing the same thing, perhaps not 30 seconds but long enough to think nothings happening. Never experienced this before since January so something has definitely changed.

Once I’m in the sim runs well as long as I stay away from the airliners.

Good point, 30 second before the application starts is a bit long.