3090 VRAM utilisation

I wonder if anyone can help me shed some light on something.

Here are my specs:


I’ve been sat at a pretty sparse airport in a GA aircraft and I’m not even achieving 60FPS. I decided to load up Task manager and here’s what I see:

Is it normal that the GPU memory is not being fully utilised, yet it shows 80/100% utilisation?

Many thanks in advance.

The utilization is showing how busy the GPU is.
The memory is showing how much memory is used.

GPU utilization is not the same as memory utilization.

I see, thanks for the clarification, however should I be expecting the sim to be using all of the GPU memory?

At 1440p, and in a rural area? Nah, it’s not going to use 24GB of VRAM.

At 4K / VR and/or in a heavy photogrammetry zone (like London), you’ll see higher VRAM usage.

Try a test flight from London City to Heathrow, you’ll likely see higher usage.

I’m interested to hear if you did find that it utilised more when low over a built up area like London?

(Now that the 3080ti has been delayed I’m wondering whether to get 3090 or 3080)