310R vs C-414

Yes, okay, and now that I read that, it’s a very selective reading of their statement to say they are not going to provide support for third-party avionics any longer. They’re simply saying that because of the way the sim constantly changes, it’s not feasible for them to provide full support for 3rd-party packages.

And honestly, what else do you expect them to say? They aren’t the ones who’ve built these various avionics packages. It’s not their responsibility to ensure they work properly; that’s on the 3rd-party developers. Besides that, from what I have read and seen, both TDS and PMS are working very hard to ensure both of their packages work properly with Blackbird products. So…what’s the issue here?


I think you’ve missed the point that was being originally made. Not by me I might add. The statement refers to future work. Personally I think it will impact them in some way because people like using the PMS and TDS products so not supporting them in their aircraft is sure to put some off. I don’t know of another dev that has come out and said this.

I think that’s as simple as the point was.

No but an awful lot do not support those packages, and say nothing about it.


What they’re saying is, if you use those packages and they don’t work… don’t come running to us for help, go to them.

Exactly, and like I said above, both TDS and PMS have an excellent track record of supporting their products.

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Yes true but It clearly says they will not be providing native support which means you need a mod for a product to make it work like the competition. Not everyone will be happy about that is the point.

We may well be taking a hit on this but, the fact is that we cannot, like maybe many other devs, do the integration work for free. It takes months.

We asked them to provide assistance, models, code… they refused.

Their expectation is that we will provide all support related to the models, the paint, the integration code (or, more often than not, the total lack of said integration code) as well as then having to provide updates when they break their stuff in our logic.

So no, we will not be providing this type of support for any of our products down the line.

The models that we have done will be included in the products that could/would use them.

Modders are then free to apply their trade without our involvement.

That way we’re not bound to update our whole installer set just because they’ve done an update.

It’s bad enough we have to do so when Asobo breaks our stuff. Doing so when these 3rd parties do one would mean we’d have to do updates all the time.

Finally, we make aircraft (like Bell or Cessna). They do not, under normal circumstances, provide that type of hardware unless it’s a specific case usage (eg: PC-6 G1000), so, why should we?

That all said, if you do want that type of thing, take it up with them. They refused to assist us. Are we supposed to do their work for them? Maybe you can convince them otherwise…


The business decision is to be respected, every business decides for themselves. Only: it doesn’t have to take months, Jaydee came out with a mod for the Garmin 750 integration into the PC-6 literally within a few days IIRC. Which doesn’t solve the question, who’s responsibility it should be, but just saying.

Wouldn’t it be a better PR strategy to state, that once in the future when MSFS seems to have reached a relatively mature state, that then the products will be updated, but that chasing that moving target MSFS code base is right now, is too much for small 3rd party devs? Rather than “abandon ship” wordings?

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Personally I think people wanting their favourite GPS installed in everything from an A380 to a Tiger Moth should not be pandered to anyway.

Especially given the fancy GPS upgrades favoured by simmers are worth more than a lot of these older airframes. In terms of the c310 you could be spending over a third of the cost of the plane itself just to change to a different type of GPS.

  • the gtn750xi is a $AU30,000 product here in Australia (meaning at least $AUD35,000 or so once you get it installed and certified):
  • Meanwhile an entire c310 with 430/530 Avionics can be picked up for around $AUD85,000

I love reading any thread that has the words “C310” in the title…

Totally get what you were saying crazycolin…

Just focus those productive juices in that 737-200 mate


Can we assume you also like threads with “737-200” in the title… Like… Perhaps… “Released - 737-200”? :smirk:

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Read the whole thread up to here. Too many developers that are willing to work with everyone - don’t need Milviz any longer. Glad I know that early.

Is the 310R available someplace other than the Marketplace? Thanks…


Direct from devs: