32:9 3840X1080 Immersion

Different Perspectives - King Air 350i Cockpit - Looking Forward

Re distortion - In the age of GoPro’s I feel the perfiction of straight lines is less of an issue. In this resect wider angles require a 32:9 display to be fully appreciated. My 16:9’s are fast becoming the new 4:3 retro box screen. That said, I find two 16:9’s relegated on the sides of my 32:9 are useful for things like VFR, ACT and Objectives. I hope MSFS brings out an option for Multiview as hardware becomes more powerful. Staying away from 2K has enabled me to do so much more whilst retaining a a buttery smoother experience.

Different Perspectives - KirAir Cockpit 350i - Side View

Now I can finally appreciate looking out the side of the KingAir 350i. Somthing I could never do with my 16:9. I don’t think I could ever go back.

Different Perspectives - KirAir Cockpit 350i - Passenger Veiw

I feel there is somthing missing for this to be a better sim :thinking: … Tickets Please!

All screenshots were taking whilst doing the Japanese Tour.

Hopefully soon we can save camera positions outside as well. Although for me I am still getting used to the camera system.


I agree, the immersion is unreal. I have a Samsung 32:9, 49 inch, at 5K x 1440


Nice screen shot skills there. Thanks for sharing! Which plane is that?

How’s the FPS at that resolution?

I have nothing to do right now. If I see things right, then:

All Diamond Aircraft:
Picture 01 - DA40 TDI (Cockpit)
Picture 02 - DA62
Picture 03 - DA40 NG
Picture 04 - DA40 NG
Picture 05 - DA40 NG
Picture 06 - DA40 NG
Picture 07 - DA40 NG
Picture 08 - DA40 NG (Cockpit)
Picture 09 - DA40 NG
Picture 10 - DA40 NG
Picture 11 - DA40 TDI

BTW, beautiful pictures. :+1:t2:

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Thanks Alex. After your bit of info I took the DA40TD1 for a spin:

I’m pretty much going to upgrade my GPU within the next 6 months though as I now find my card starting to throttle the fans. Before this game everything was pretty silent as I have the i9900k water cooled. Just researched some water cooling options for me RTX2080 but can’t justify the price. I’d rather shorten the life of my card or turn the settings down just enough to back the throttling off. in the mid to high 70s is bearable but once I hit the 80’s the noise of the GPU fans is a deal breaker for me.

Thankfully I found some reasonable settings (should be able to tell the difference in those shots re the AB info) that are reflected in the top right hand corner re Afterburner. Had to take the side panel off and lift the top covers though when bumping up the render settings. I’ll keep working at it.

The middle screenshot is how I would prefer to play it all the time, but like I say the GPU fan noise I do not like. I regret cutting corners now and not getting the TI version of the RTX2080. Got my eye on the RTX3080 now. Spent all I had on my new 32:9 though. All good. One step at a time.

Just sharing my thoughts is all. Thanks for taking the time to list those planes. Much appreciated. :+1:t2:

3840x1600=6.144.000 ( my: 35-75 fps ; normal in 40-50fps range : 2080ti,i8700k : upd: ultra settings)

5120x1440=7.372.800 ( what you asking for )

3840x2160=8.294.400 ( full 4K )

so… you have an idea

I have the same issue with the fans on my rtx 2080ti. It only started happening 3 nvidia drivers ago. Werid.

Hey, no problem. I told you, I just had time. But the middle image looks just great. I also want :sob:.
I must be satisfied with a MSI GeForce GTX 1070 ARMOR 8G OC, i5-3450, 16 GB RAM and SSD 2TB. A PC upgrade is planned for '21 at the earliest. Until then this graphic must be enough for me:

I am a little envious of your graphics … I must remain steadfast. Otherwise my wife will tear my balls off. :grin:

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sucks, lol. if i turn down AA to 8 or 4, and bloom off, and reflections/ grass/ windshield medium i get about 18. Render at 90 or 80 though, does bring them up into the 20’s.

Usually if im sightseeing or taking pics i will turn up the sliders. For traffic patterns or actual flight, of course i bring fps up.

sorry for late reply. its the DA40 TDI. I love the view from that aircraft and its just a beautiful aircraft for low VFR sightseeing ( which is usually what i do)

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I mean, it’s nice that you have such a super cool monitor but the immersion has reduced comprehensibility when looking at these screens with a regular monitor. :sweat_smile:

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As much as I envy 2K 4K & well … lol … 8K … I could not be more happier sticking with 1080p for obvious (and many forgotten) reasons. When I look your screenshots there (STUNNING That lighting is OMG!) it shows in all its glory on my 1080 screen. In the quest to have the highest number of everything, people soon forget just how good the previous resolutions looks on a native screen.

I run a PC charity venture where I am often reminded of that fact; always ensuring I match up the screens. Just like many of those former resolutions many of us are far too quick to dismiss the previous generations. Often doing so when downscaling on our newer tech. Such a comparison does not show the former glory which you have captured so excelenty with the embed pic. Dude … it looks frigging smick on my native screen!!!

Sorry to go on, I need the break from MSFS and researching of late. I could say it really is about working with what you got (and it is) but at the same time I’m in line to thinking that with the introduction of MSFS, that the next 6 to 12 months is a good time for many to take the next step. I don’t mean 2 or 4K (although if you can - and that meets your need :+1:t2: ) I just mean acquiring that little extra to get that boost that meets one’s preference. Whatever that be.

I miss my 2560X1080 IPS Gsync already. It’s still boxed up ready to post to some lucky eBay bidder. I spent a thousand $Au on the awesome monitor when I could’ve gone 2K. I just knew I that I would soon be going super ultra wide PLUS multi monitor. This pic summing up why 1080p is for me:

That’s not my setup, but it does illustrate well my context with personal goals re 1080p Vs 2-4 and now 8k. As for PPI - I am so glad I did not listen to so many negative reviews on ultrawide 1080p. Everyone was saying ‘Don’t do it!’ - ‘Sweet spot this and sweet spot that …’ The best thing I did was jump on in with the 34inch 21:9 1080p Bandwagon. After it arrived and 12 months there after I was still :star_struck:

Alas going forward for me as is the plan depicted above all about sticking with 1080p. Keeping it native is the way to go and the only way in which it can only ever be appreciatively compared. Now don’t get me wrong - I can see the obvious gloss with full respect to 2 and 4K. I’m just trying to make a case for poor old 1080p. It really does cop an unfair dismissal this day and age. I really don’t see it disappearing any time soon as on ultra with blistering frame rates and the scope for driving super emerive screens is why I am looking to keep a system that is more then 2-4K worth yet still drive a super 1080 work and gaming station that simply can’t be replicated any time soon by 2-4K

My poor ROG Strix RTX2080 for the first time is now struggling running MSFS (for my prefered settings) on my new 32:9 1080 screen. It was not that long ago I bought the ■■■■ thing spending another thousand $Au on that. But that’s OK … it’s nice to see the software pushing the tech. I just don’t think the higher the number is alway better. Despite we all being programmed to think that way.

Decisions Decisions.

Are you going to sick with the alrawide? You moving up the gloss factor with 2 or 4K. What tickles your fancy Alex?

I got to say one last time … that screenshot on my 1080 Native looks a million bucks!!!

All good SlidHydra647449 IKR … for me the DA40 TDI has just become a new favorite of mine for likewise reason.

Whilst I won’t be going 2K any time soon, the good news is that the hardware tech is once again booming. You’ll be upping those frames soon enough. We all will. Despite my long winded post re my reasons for 1080, I am envious of those higher 2K screenshots. All in good time. All in good time.

I just tell my friends who are envious of me, that they can always start with FSX as it too offers much of the same things. It really is all perspective but hard to fathom that when wishing for more. Baby steps for me … although each step costs an arm and a leg. :crazy_face:

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They are quickly becoming the norm. It will soon happen that prices will drop. 21:9 is very much popular now. Where once they said very few games supported it, you can now play up to 30 games in all it’s bliss on 32:9. Here is a great article on just that:

Just saying if that’s the case with 32:9 - and now 21:9 fast becoming the norm (at least for gamers) the prices will drop.

My issue only started with MSFS … although there was a recent Nvidia update for me which could of just as easily been it. To be fair though, MSFS is the only game for me thus far that runs my card at 100% if I don’t adjust the settings or keep my eye on it when changing them. I also got a new 32:9 so whilst 1080 I am now driving more pixels than before. I think it is a combination of all of that. I really just need to ensure that my next upgrade is my graphics cards. Whilst many may say an RTX2030 is overkill for 1080p … in my situation I think it’s just what I need.

MSFS has been a good brush up on graphic setting for me. I suspect many others as well. lol

Keep an eye on those temps. There are many mixed opinions gaming above 85 degrees celsius for extended periods of time. I spent a fortune on my RTX version and whilst I aim to upgrade in 6 months, I still want to confidently sell my RTX2080 knowing it will serve the next person well. Thus I do aim to run my without throttling it for hours on end; which is how much I typically game. Speaking of which …

Full agreement. I also prefer 1080p. I like to have some reserves. 4K would require too much Performance. No, 21:9 Ultrawide does not cause any motion sickness for me. At least not in flight and driving simulations or strategy games. With shooters I get motion sickness. But I am also very susceptible to it. Nevertheless, because of the immersion, I don’t want to go back to 16:9. I have here a complete CH-Hotas including CH pedals and TrackIR5. The sound comes over a Teufel sound system.

Why am I not satisfied with that and do I want a better graphics card, more ram and faster processor? It runs so far with 51 FpS? My graphic settings are almost all set to medium, except for buildings high, trees ultra, vol. clouds high, AFx16. But I want to set everything to high or better Ultra. As far as I think back in gaming, it was always the flight simulations (civil & military) that appealed to me.

I played everything that could fly with Jetfighter and later Flight Simulator 95. The complete Jane’s Collection, Falcon to the Sims of today. And every time the better graphics and physics were the reason for an upgrade. No matter if it was 3dfx Voodoo or Riva TNT back then, if an upgrade is needed, it will be upgraded. And my system hasn’t been upgraded for a long time now.

I just notice that my system is reaching its limits. The Digital Combat Simulator would also benefit from the upgrade. Yes, the screenshot looks great, but it still works a bit better. But I’ll stay at 1080p so that I still have Performance reserves.

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“Performance reserves” Keeping up with every pixel can sure be tough when wishing to retain ultra settings for AAA games for at least a few years thereafter. “Performance reserves” sums that up really well.

“3dfx Voodoo or Riva TNT” arrr them were the days:

Needs an good CRT @ 1024X768 with the settings slowed down a little more to fully appreciate.
Thanks for the memories.

I can relate to pretty much everything you just said. I too do not gell well the BF1 at 21:9. Is like me waring new multifocals and still not getting used to it. However there are many other games that have left me impressed such as red redemption 2 - BUT - probably not me genre if I am to be honest. Thankfully there are open world games that look amazing. For what it is worth I still play 21:9 on on my 32:9 as well some 16:9 without issues at all. I do however, darken the sides as I am super sensitive to such things. Not enough good examples are used when showing off super wide as FPS tend to stretch out way too much. I even find at times MSFS does as well. However the perspective is way more manageable (many options to correct by changing point of view) and from a cockpit perspective it’s A+++++. FPS is probably too linear.

Maybe you never played UT2004? (I still have the original ‘Game of The Year’ edition, but in my Steam Collection) it’s FPS but before widescreens. I’ll never forget what my computer said to me the first time I was ever able to put together a system that could handle Ultra settings: See below and wait until all the settings have been enabled!

Yes sir re - I like to ensure that I can play on ultra with AAA games for as long as I can … at least 3 years running. Performance reserves is a must in my book! Well said. If I was rich enough I would send you an RTX3090, the new PSU that is essential to drive it as well at the needed bracket to ensure it does not break the motherboard in two. LOL

All in good time! Again … thanks for the memories and sharing like so. :+1:t2:

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And I would take the RTX3090 from them without contradiction. :wink: With me it will become however rather a RTX3070. For the 3090 league I would have to discuss too long with my wife. It becomes simply too expensive. I don’t know what the 3070 will cost, let’s say 500€. Then go shopping with the wife and get out the credit card, I’m out a total of 1000€. But if I come with a 3090, she will surely want a new car in return. That is then too expensive for me. :laughing:

No, a 3070 will last me for the next few years. I always deactivate settings anyway, which are hardly visible but need too much performance, e.g. I would deactivate raytracing. I prefer to have a few FpS in reserve and the fan does not work at full speed.

32:9 is certainly also very interesting for me. Even though I have many games that only support max 16:9. It is true that already at 21:9 in some games the left and right edges are distorted in perspective. In Eve-Online for example, planets are then egg-like at the edge. In the MFS2020 you can adjust a lot to counteract this. I think 21:9 is the minimum for a perfect immersion in flight and racing simulations.

BTW, of course I played UT2004 But still on 50kg-50Hz-CRT-Cube-Monitor in 800x600 or 1024x768. 21:9 would probably be too violent for my stomach.

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Chuckles. Yes it would be a very similar discussion in my house as well re GPU acquisition and what the other gets in return. More so a chance to tell me what they don’t. I will just wait till the price drops.

You know how people us electric roller gates with the push of a button so they don’t have to get out of their car to open the gate? I would like something like that for a multi monitor setup on a multi hydraulic arm system like SpaceX putting rockets together. Just hit pause once the right screen is in place for the right game. :grinning: In the meantime window mode will suffice allowing me chat boxes on the side.

Hehe - Marfia would not go wrong using some of them CRTs to keep people weighted to the bottom of the bay.

Here’s to the most appropriate upgrades we can afford and all in good time. :+1:t2:

I got a refund on Xplane11 last night (steam) Purchased a Thruster Master T150 wheel setup (considered budget these days and happy with that decision) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and also bought the must have DLC. I think it will keep me grounded so to speak whilst learning how to use the radio and navigate in MSFS. My flying skill is much better now since taking time to write notes watching ‘Squirrel Tutorials’ on Youtube. He also does ETS2.

Today I must find time to practice fuel mixture a little more. Best throw in a screen shot to keep things in line … lest be dragged over the coals. Has been a good thread thus far. Oh yea … finally caught up with some of you and installed a livery pack via a discord channel like thousands of others. It was SlidHydra647449’s awesome screenshots above that made me go search for those skins.

You or anyone else reading that would like an easy going fly buddy is welcome to message me. I don’t mind doing discord, but not with too many. I generally ensure that background noise is kept to a minimum, mostly silent. I should probably do an online add. :slightly_smiling_face:

That said, whilst I can fly - navigation and radio is still being added to my notebook.

Catch up later … whatever your doing … Make it Fun! :+1:t2:

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