3rd Party Add-on Category Reminder

Hi all,

I’d like to send out a reminder about the rules in our #third-party-addon-discussion category. Please note that this category is for the discussion of 3rd party mods, advice on using the mod, and should not be a place for reporting bugs to 3rd party developers.

Right now, we have a table for where you can report 3rd party bugs for some of those developers. We’d love to expand on this list and also encourage our 3rd party developers to create a space (forums, Discord, website, etc.) for proper support so we can get you added.

Our moderators are doing their best to guide new and existing members to the right topics in the forum, as well as enforce the Code of Conduct. They are here to help de-escalate any hostile situations between members, provide guidance, and keep the forums safe for all users to enjoy.

If at any point you believe you have been treated unfairly, please reach out to me so we can look into it.