3rd Party Airport

I just got the FSDT Zurich yesterday and good thing is, its performance is way better than a handcrafted one say, CDG and is pretty good actually.

One thing that I noted though is, jetways no longer dock with the AI. Does anyone know if this is the case with other 3rd party airports as well?

They surely do:

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Well, since the time I posted it this is what I noticed. Jetways at not all gates dock and indicator to which ones will, have at least one or all of these placed there

  1. Pushback tug
  2. Baggage cart
  3. Catering truck
  4. External power unit

I have same FSDT Zurich that is shown in the video, tried this and then came to the conclusion. So, if I or the AI happens to go to a gate that doesn’t have at least any any of these - ground says “Jetway cannot be connected”

Thanks for the link, great job on the Airport… :+1: And he seems to be a nice streamer that can use more subs…

The kind of services at a gate is automatically determined by the gate type. Yes, it can also customized but, by default, Small gates will get few services, Medium get will get more, and Heavy gates will get the complete set of services.

And, it might not be entirely obvious ( because they looks the same, visually ), but there are two kind of “AI” in the sim:

  • Parked Aircraft
  • Air Traffic Aircraft

According to the SDK docs, Parked Aircraft are a sort of evolution over the old “static” airplanes placed by scenery developers, it’s a way to have the airport less “empty” even when the AI schedule is very sparse, the sim still creates randomly parked aircraft that are not “real” AI ( yet ).

When the AI schedule ( or real time AI ) calls for a departure, the sim first checks amongst all the Parked Aircraft for a suitable candidate that could match the model required by the schedule, and if there is one, it’s “promoted” to be a real Air Traffic Aircraft, one that knows where to go, calls for Pushback, and do all the things it’s supposed to do.

I guess it’s only after a Parked Aircraft gets promoted to be a proper AI, that it gets to use jetways, and before that, it’s just a static, that might explain why you only see some AI with docked jetways: those are probably the ones that are going to depart soon.

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Thanks! What about the gates that do not connect at all?

Also, I didn’t see both gates dock to the aircraft like SODE ones do in FSX. is that a limitation here?