4/71 Bush Trips

I flew all 4 default activity bush trips and landed on every single airport/landing strip that took over 20 hours. Yet I’m only showing 4 of 71 in my profile achievements. Does anyone know why this is the case?

I believe the log book is utilized only if you land and shut down (fuel and master switch).

Thank you! I thought about this and as soon as you come to a stop on the runway in those bush flights the plane camera shifts back and it automatically stops and indicates “leg complete” and goes to the screen for the next leg. So I believe it’s impossible to shut down the master and avionics, etc formally that I can tell. Also, it is odd that for exactly 4 bush trips I have completed exactly 4 of the 71 activities. And I have been in and out enough times that the count would be more than 4. So the 4 seems to be the bush trip itself. The 71 might be landings, but you just cannot shut down formally.

the 4/71 indicates that you’ve completed 4 Bush Trips and 71 Legs. On your next Bush flight, check the second number and you’ll see it goes up one for each leg completed. Once the last leg is completed, the first number iterates (goes up by 1).

ok, I see. Thank you. So there really isn’t an accomplishment to any of this. I guess none of this even really matters to say the least…lol Thanks.