4 Season Pack - Multi Season - Available on PC and Xbox [Archive 1]

Bijan, many thanks for giving us this mod! I live near Innbsruck and especially apreciate your mods for LOWI.

Much of my flights occur in Alaska. I don’t see any change there with your mod, as an example in the region near Ketchikan. Is this because it’s so far north? Any other reason? Or me doing something wrong?

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The other strange thing is that your trees in the surrounding area appear ok when Fairways is installed, I will also double checked to make sure I have installed your latest files from sim market.

I wonder … would it be possible to make a Summer N Summer S version of your season pack?

I prefer flying in lush green environments instead of brown winter. Having a version of the addon that shows summer vegetation in both hemispheres would help picking different flying areas without having to exit the sim, switch the pack and boot it up again.

I know it’s a special request, but perhaps I’m not the only one who would be interested in that? :wink:


I agree that would be great

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I also would pay something on top for that.

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Are you sure you have installed it correctly? I just checked all seasons and there is definitely changes.


Sure. I can have one made after the SU5 release.


I wrote to your email.

Sure. I’m planning to do a video of all seasons with photogrammetry on after SU5 release.

@bijanstudio out of curiosity, are your screenshots post SU5? :slight_smile:

Can you add Massachusetts Cranberry Bogs? Bright red would add a lot of color!! These are adjacent to Plymouth Municipal Airport


and Tomah, Wisconsin

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Hi Bijanstudio
first I would like to thank you for the most immersive piece of software I have purchased for FS2020, absolutely fantastic enhancement.
My question is; I purchased both season packs from the MS Marketplace, is it ok to have them both active at the same time?
Once again many thanks for this outstanding addition to the simulator.

Hi Alex

First, thank you.

No, only one season must be activated at a time, just like IRL.

Hi bijan
how do I do that with regards to the content manager?

I think you should be able to uninstall from contact manager.

I have installed the spring north/fall south package. I noticed it was considerably larger than the summer/winter download. I know I can’t just install summer/winter over what I have. If I delete spring/fall (the only way to uninstall it in the content manager), do I lose content I need for summer/winter to work?

I don’t think you’ll lose it. You can install it again at anytime.

The spring has blossom trees and flower fields, that’s why it’s larger.

Sure I can do that.

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