4 Season Pack - Multi Season - Available on PC and Xbox [Archive 1]

I guess that you fixed the ‘too many trees’ issue in Scotland, in either the UK Enhanced, or the base 4 Seasons pack, because things are looking as they should now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Many thanks!


@Kayembee370 Thank you. I will keep everyone updated.

@Welcome :slight_smile: It was removed about a month ago or so.


Just curious. Love this mod - but just recently it seems I get a freeze when trying to boot this together with the Bonanza G36 mod (robert young version). Anyone else experience the same or similar?

Again - great mod btw.

Not sure if its the right one? Bonanza-Turbo-V3 is what i have in my folder. If that’s it I’ll test that out for you.

EDIT: Ok, just tested with that mod and Bijans trees (latest version. Summer (N) Winter (S) ) Tried loading into Westport (New Zealand) and Orcas Island (US) No issues at all.

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hmmm…thank you for doing that - very kind. Must be some other issue on my end. I’ll keep digging. Again, thank you!


New thread posted about the new project:


Bijan i didn’t receive notifications recently for 3d trees…do you know if there was an update.? In sim market I have the last version of 92.47 mb…is it correct?

That’s correct. Only the season folders were updated in the last update. Latest version for 3d trees is still 2.1. 94Mb is zipped size. I should update to unzipped size.

I purchased it on 18 August…at launch on sim market…since then no updates…if I remember correctly…now I have activated notifications in sim market…I noticed that in the folder there is a package for winter trees in innsbruck…can you confirm that since I purchased the 3d trees in 18 August there were not updates?

Innsbruck (lowi) was moved in winter season folder on July 27th. So if you have a separate folder for LOWI, you can delete it.
I would delete and download everything so you have the latest version of everything.

I don’t own the winter season…I have purchased summer and spring from official marketplace…I wait from winter and autumn in marketplace…a question bijan…in sim market I don’t have 3d trees updated since 18 August… is this correct?thank you as always

Oh I see. I thought you had everything from simmarket. Yes it looks like it was updated on Aug 15th. But a new folder was recently uploaded two days ago as some reported the folder was corrupted.

Thank you…I dowload again the folder 3d trees from simmarket…for better security…

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Bijan i have checked and downloaded again but deleted…the version is still the same…2.0 on sim market

Sorry for confusion. I was referring to 3d tree folder inside 4 season pack; not the separated one. I will update that to 2.1 shortly and notifications will be sent.

no problem Bijan…Thank you

thank you bijan…immediately arrived but i can’t download it…it says connectivity problems
the others files are downloadable but not this
update:now it’s ok

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Hey there…just an update. I downloaded the latest version of the Bijan mod - and that did the trick for me. All loaded fine. Thanks again!

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You’re welcome. Glad you’re back in the air!

After a very long wait, I am happy to announce that “Fall North, Spring South Season” will be available in Marketplace for PC and Xbox tomorrow.