4 Season Pack - Multi Season - Available on PC and Xbox [Archive 1]

Final reminder: All support/bug reports must be via email or will be ignored.

Who stoled my garden’s palm trees ?


I now have discord server for support and bug report, although I have no idea how it works yet. :sweat_smile:

I think this is the link:


There will be an update on Alps and Colorado mountains for fall season by next week.
It will have yellow pines as well as more fall colors on lower parts of the area.


New Alps for fall season:
There are multiple sets of trees used from pines trees, mixed pine trees, yellow pines that turn brown and yellow in fall season and deciduous trees in lower parts and cities and villages.


Really excited for the Colorado updates! You do a fantastic job as usual!

Have you considered (and is it even possible) adding aspen trees with their brilliant yellow leaves in the fall to the Rocky Mountains? They are just starting to change here in northern Colorado.

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Thank you. Yes, Aspen in Colorado, and Rockies mountain forests will have all those. :slight_smile:




I’ve never bought payware for flight sims and I’ve been playing them a while, but I’m so close to buying this. I’m sure its worth it but hard for me to justify $30 when the game was $60. I’m just a frugal guy.

What does Megève area look like with this mod? I may just bite the bullet and buy it tonight.

I am using fall season right now as I am enhancing the Alps’s fall season.
Here is few shots from Megève:


Alps fall??? Can’t wait!!! I flew in to PHNL today from KBOS. I’ve been to that airport and state many times. It was so amazing. Word to the group, EXPLORE! The things you’ll see with this mod on will be nothing short of stunning.

'Happy flying!


Think of it as an investment in time. Bijan has sunk 100’s of hours into perfecting these season add ons, and continues to sink many 100’s more. You’d probably have no issue paying someone to wash your car, cook a meal, taxi you somewhere, or calculate your tax returns, Bijan’s time is being spent on something far more enjoyable.

As these addons affect the whole world, the whole of the time you’ll have hundreds, if not thousands of hours of flying enhanced, not just today, but even two or three years from now.

Finally, the $60 you spent on the stock game is because its auto generated, the premium and deluxe versions run to $120 because of the personal care and man hours to hand craft the extra planes and airports. Stuff that requires a human hand costs more.


Yeah, it’s really great.
This mod is essential for advancing Bushtrip, which was added in World Update 6.
Thank you for a really great add on.
It would be nice if Bing Map’s satellite photos could be replaced by the seasons, as I’m a bit turned off by the lush trees in the satellite photos.
I’ve said it many times. Thank you very much.


Wow, looks great, can’t wait to try it!


Go for the 4 seasons edition from SimMarket. It’s the one that gets updated most frequently as Marketplace is notoriously slow in keeping up.
Also, although you could pay less by just buying one of the seasons, or one area, in the longer term you’ll wish you invested just a little more for a much better experience.
Nothiing wrong with buying just one season - they’re all equally superb. Just saying you’ll regret it.


Are Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho going to get the same Fall treatment as Colorado? Those states also have very diverse Fall colors :slight_smile:

I thought the changes were global? Shouldnt the fall colors be everywhere that are not evergreen pine trees or tropical regions?

What I mean is not all fall colors are the same. Some areas have more yellow, some less, same with red, orange, browns, greens in between them.


This is an old video. I have since added many more fall sets, but you can see here many different fall colors I have in different areas. I placed all in one spot to see some.


I will try to do a fall treatment for one location a week.