4 Season Pack - V5 Released - Multi Season Spring/Fall released on MarketPlace

Dude it’s totally worth it. It is very, very, very good. This really is an add-on that should get a lot more attention and be considered a standard must buy for anyone with interest in addons.


Just bought it… We will see what it’s like when I fly in a couple of hours. It sounds interesting and is a good thing to have until MSFS has full native seasons implementation. I was holding off until Asobo gets those done, but I don’t want to wait anymore. Seasons is one of the areas P3D still had an advantage over MSFS.

Once that happens, perhaps this project could re-focus as an enhancement of native MSFS seasons of sorts.

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Thank you.
I am in process of uploading version 4 to simmarket, which should be done tonight. Make sure you have your notification on so you can download version 4.0

Thanks again


Be sure to read the read-me. You can only have 1 season activated at a time due to MSFS limitations. I use Addon Linker to choose my season before I load up MSFS.


I downloaded that exe file that specifies which season to run but it seems to have placed all 4 seasons into the Community folder. How will it know to ignore 3 of them? I almost feel like it’s safer just to manually place them?

I am not sure how it managed to do that. did you have them all in same folder before running it?
There is a video showing how to install it. You can install it manually. For further support you can contact me directly to my email since the mods won’t allow support on this forum.

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So am I reading this right, with the upgraded single seasons will they now be global? rather than Summer Northern Hemisphere/ Winter Southern Hemisphere etc as I see no combined files in the download.

That’s correct.
All future updates will only be for single seasons. But tropical areas won’t be effected as they will always remain the same greens.

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Thanks for getting back to me

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Looks like it’s maturing into a really nice product. Think I’ll finally go and get it!

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Same thing here regarding it installing all seasons at once. Very different form version 3 which automatically only installed one season at a time. I’ve emailed for support on this.

This mode is incredible! But the extreme tree density also hurt my fps. Is there a way to lower tree density at long distance?

Has anyone got the free upgrade at SimMarket, and got version 4 to work with automatic season changes as version 3 did?

There seems to be an issue with the latest sim update with automatic season install. Please install using manual mode until the new fix is done.


You can use “tree” setting in sim setting to high or medium instead of ultra.

Downloaded 4.0. Haven’t flown yet. Thank you for the update. I did a manual winter install (until March 20th when spring kicks in).

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the exe will not accept my input of the folder (not default one) while the auto function is not work. please have a check.

Please use manual install as the new sim update yesterday stopped the automatic install software from working properly.
I will have a hotfix for that.

Yes while manually installed the addon,ther is a dramatic change in the scene.


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Wonderful. It’s a whole different world :slight_smile:

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