4090 + DLAA + Frame Generation = WOW

Not much for my case as I’m usually mainthread limited with terrain LOD at 400. Others might see a performance boost depending on their settings and resolution.

Just for the record, I don’t think it’s worth overclocking the 4090 this much. At 500W+ power usage, it gets very hard to cool. I saw a few spikes to 80c, but mainly stabilized in the mid 70s. I rarely see GPU temps go above 65c with the power limit locked at 450W.

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That’s the impression I got as well is that there’s not a lot to be gained by going to 600w. It will be interesting to see if the next gen of CPU’s or the gen after that offer the 4090 a bit more headroom in MSFS.

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As a follow-up to the question above about performance increase, this is the latest result from 3DMark Speed Way benchmark. I don’t have a stock comparison for Speed Way, but a stock 4090 will score roughly 10,000 on Speed Way. With a 4090 overclocked to 3 Ghz and +1400 Mhz on memory clock (23.8 Gbps effective), the score is 10,709. That’s about a 7% performance increase from overclocking the GPU, but likely more limited on MSFS because it’s largely a CPU bound title.

Yeah, it is not worth overclocking the 4090. It is already a beast of a card and it hardly breaks a sweat in MSFS. My 4090 barely goes above 60% load and never goes above 56c temps. It’s like the GPU is saying “Is this all you got”.

But, even with both CPU’s I have had(13900K and 7950X), the sim still puts the CPU to it’s knees cuz of the mainthread. It performs well, but once you add 400 TLOD and some AI traffic in native TAA, you looking at still anywhere between 40-60 fps on ground depending on airport. This oncourse is with Fenix A320.

Right now I’m using Frame Generation with TAA which gives me 90+ fps, but still not totally satisfied with it as far a visuals go. I don’t know but TAA just looks a bit smoother to the eyes.

Waiting to order next week the 7950X3D and hopefully stay 70+ fps at all times with native TAA.


I found that if you are getting the random white flashes or light strobing effect across the screen it is HDR not playing ball. Try turning HDR off on your screen or in game when you have G-sync on, solved flashing and strobing for me.

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Frame Generation? =/

Deleted due to stupidity.

I’d suggest you edit your post or else you will be receiving some very sarcastic replies…


I’m not sure if this is a joke? It’s 7%.

Sorry guys. I are dumb. Deleted my original math failure post… :nerd_face:

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Did you manage to resolve by any chance?

I notice no improvement with frame generation what so ever

Running 7950x, 4090, 64gb ram at 5600.

4K resolution