40th anniversary Helicopters VR focus mode is basically unusable

I love the new Cabri G2 and Bell 407 as well as the 40th Anniversary Edition as a whole. My big problem, being a VR flyer is that VR Focus in the Cabri puts my face right against or past the instrument panel. In the Bell it puts my view below the instrument panel so all I can see is the ground and skids under the heli! Given my lack of Chuck Yeager Eyes and no instrument cockpit views in VR it makes it nearly impossible to set up navigation or read fuel pressues, etc.

I haven’t found any way to adjust the zoom level in VR focus. If anyone knows I’d love some direction or if you can confirm it’s a bug that would at least help me to know.


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I have the same issue, I won’t even fly the hell’s now.

Yes, they clearly did no VR testing of the new aircraft as VR zoom and seating position is borked in many of them. They don’t have a dedicated VR team or even a single person from what they disclosed on one of the prior twitch streams as VR is still not a large enough amount of users compared to 2D…many things in VR are therefore an afterthought.


They should just release the source code of the game so modders can fix it.

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