40th anniversary update install not resuming

So I was installing the anniversary update finally and I was excited to try it. It was half installed when suddenly my laptop had a BSOD due to a memory error. My RAM was not full as I have 16gb. Now whenever I launch MSFS it is now stuck on checking for updates. I have tried to empty my community folder but it did nothing. My MSFS version shows at It is the MS sore version. What should I do now.

PC Specs if needed:
CPU: Ryzen 7 5800H
GPU: RTX 3050 Ti
Storage: 1 TB NvME

I don’t know if this will help with your issue as mine was slightly different, in that I paused the download and then was unable to resume. However, this is what put me back on track:

Go into the XBox App

Check for Updates
Verify & Repair

When I did that the download resumed instantly.

I hope that it helps you also.

Well that made me reinstall the whole sim. Guess I wont be using my laptop anymore.

Hmm :thinking: Did the sim reinstall action successfully complete and is the sim now functioning? If it did and is, then it would appear that your BSOD caused some mayhem within the core files which have been repaired. If it failed and the sim doesn’t work, then I guess that you do have a problem with your lap top. Are your GPU drivers up to date? I don’t know whether you are on Windows 10 or 11, or whether there is a difference between the two, but you can run a Memory Diagnostic programme to check.

Well after 3 tries and hundreds of gbs of data it is finally working. Installing the many world updates right now. It’s a shame that my flight data of 1 year has been wiped but fine I guess. Also my GPU drivers were fully updated. Anyways thanks for trying to help.

I’m glad that you’re back on the flight line again. Impending downloads of major updates here is like impending doom - I’m always very nervous before I start the update process. I then tend to go and hide in the metaphoric ‘cupboard under the stairs’ until it’s all over and have a party if I have survived.