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Sharktooth Ridge marks a milestone for us at //42, as it is the first standalone scene release. To clarify that once more, 42ST Sharktooth Ridge will NOT be bundled into the FF/F2 Complete pack. We plan to continue offering future scenes below $10 (USD), but don’t let the price lead you to expect anything less than the //42 quality you’re accustomed to in our products. Our low price points ($4.99/$7.99) are built with one thing in mind, you…and the fact that you’ll want to eventually “collect them all.”

Expect challenging strips with immaculate vibes; whether it feels remote or cozy will depend on each scene. They are also perfect places to play with //42 Campout as they were designed with plenty of plane camping space.

42ST Sharktooth Ridge

Located in Red Bluff, California, just a few miles from 42BC Bush Plane Campout, this destination is on a plot of land identified by STOL CLUB pilots during a group flight. Sharktooth Ridge has a small footprint as it is a destination when cruising from a more prominent meetup spot like Bush Plane Campout. That also makes it an adventurous and slightly dangerous approach. Hug the cliffs on the way in, use the wind to your advantage, kick the rudder to straighten up, and try not to go over the edge into the river below!


  • Runway: ~500 ft long dirt runway with a slightly aggressive incline to the west.
  • Approach Considerations: Land West to East and depart to the West. Tall trees on final and rocks on both sides of the runway present a hazard. Beware of cliffs; ensure adequate braking power. Caution Youtuber drone in the vicinity.
  • Amenities: Campgrounds and great fishing.
  • Windsock: No
  • Parking: Limited
  • Visually enhanced farms on approach to strip
  • Multiple runway objects and hazards contain collision boxes.
  • Challenging approach onto sloped & narrow dirt runway.
  • Custom vegetation assets.
  • Custom terraforming for a better representation of dangerous terrain
  • Custom night lighting in the camp area.
  • Custom Soundscape includes a fire pit and flying drone
  • Fully animated drone mini-scene
  • Fishing mini-scene
  • Heatblur effects on fire pit
  • Centrally located for northern California bush trip adventures.
  • Please don’t leave food out; a bear was reported in the area.
  • Pineapple on pizza is not permitted on-site


This scene is live on Orbx and submitted to the MSFS Marketplace. Unfortunately, the MS team operates on a provisioning window over which we have no control. However, I will update the deployment status of this post as things change.

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