45 and 120 Degree External Quickview Camera Angles

I know that the Cockpit Quickview 45 and 120 left views are reversed and hopefully will get fixed in the not too distant future. I believe the External Quickview 45 and 120 left and right views are really messed up. First off I’m trying to figure out, when correct, what they should be.

External left shows the left side of plane and right shows the right side. This I understand.

What should left 45 degree show? Should it show the left side of plane from an angle between the nose and the wing? Then left 120 would show left side of plane from angle between tail and wing? Then right side treated the same.

Here are the angles I see using these angles in FS.

Left 45 - I see right side of plane from front angle between nose and wind.
Left 120 - I see left side of plane from front angle.
Right 45 - I see right side of plane from rear angle between tail and wing.
Right 120 - I see left side of plane from rear angle.

Don’t know if this has been reported to Zendesk but I want to know what the correct angles should be before I do.

Personally, when mapping to the hat switch of my joystick, I have reversed the external view settings so that when I press right I see the left side of plane and scenery on the right side, and vice versa.

I don’t know if this is widely known, but you can use the hat switch mappings for multiple uses when in various camera modes. I use them three times, for cockpit views, external views, and instrument views. Could probably use then again for Drone camera. In cockpit I use the hat switch left right and angles to look around, up to return to normal cockpit view ( same as ctrl space), and down to go to instrument view.

In instrument view I use right to go to next instrument view and left to go to previous instrument view. Up will return me to primary cockpit view.

I use button 2 on my Sidewinder FF2 to switch to external views with left right and angles to view outside views, up to switch back to primary cockpit view and down to switch to instrument views.

This works extremely well except for the angled views discussed above.

I’ve run into similar issues with the camera settings. Until fixes are made, just set things up so it makes logical sense to you.
The entire camera system is way over the top too complicated. Come on…cockpit camera, external camera, drone, showcase, and on and on. Really? I don’t care which “camera” is active, when I push left on the hat switch then pan left. Is that so hard to program? Come on guys.