4x1080P Monitors and GPU model

Hi everyone,
I have a config with 4 monitors in 1080p (3 for views, 1 for instruments).
Does anyone have a GPU capable of producing more than 30 fps with such a configuration ?

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I would say, yes - I have three 50" screens, one is 4K and two are 2K - i get around 35-40FPS

Its an RTX 3080ti

Would my Zotac rtx4090 do?

Yes, I have 3 of 1920 x 1200 plus two of 1920 x 1080 and I get a lot more than 30fps in most setups, with most settings at high or ultra. Nothing special for hardware, Nvidia 3080.

Thank you for your replies.
I plan to change my graphic card and want to be sure to be able to pass to MSFS multi-monitor configuration.
I would wait for the first benchmarks of RTX4080 (4090 is not on my budget) and RX 7900 to decide.
Perhaps, am I wrong but 4x1920x1080 is equivalent to 8K definition (7680x4320) isn’t it ?