[6] The VFR map has been updated to include a number of new quality-of-life features

In the Bushtrips, the vfr map still only shows the flightpath but no waypoint markers.

It still CTDs the sim when resizing sometimes.

I like that it now shows the zoom level and also that it keeps the zoomlevel after closing.

Resizing the VFR map when the facility details pane is active causes a CTD.

Some airports do not show ILS information in the facility details pane.


Would like to see more detailed maps for GA in VFR

Have anyone tried the new map in VR? I have no details panel on the right and clicking on airports or navaids does nothing. Is there a secret trick?

I’m noticing more and more that don’t. I fly a lot in Japan and virtually none of the ILS frequencies are listed.

Are the airports that don’t show addon airports or stock airports? Do you have an example of an airport that you would expect to see ILS for but do not?

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I only use it in VR and it’s been working ok for me.

I’m using WMR Reverb G2, Nvidia 3080Ti. Using the mouse pointer in VR with the controls set to ‘Legacy’ (I think that’s the name, the style used in VR when the game first introduced VR, so not the glowy blue way that sometimes doesn’t work with 3rd party aircraft).

I can click on VORs, NDBs and first and third party airports and the info panel comes up. If you click into the ‘Search Bar’ at the top and enter an airport code does it still not work? (Also, no subtle way to say this :slight_smile: but are you on SU10 beta as well?)

I did a quick test around the general area of Tokyo (completely stock install with no mods). I found four airports that correctly showed ILS info on the “nearest” list in the D930, and all were correctly reflected on the VFR map (RJAA, RJTL, RJAH, FJTT).
I tested six airports in that area that didn’t show any ILS info in the “nearest” list, and all of those were reflected correctly in the VFR map as not having ILS freqs (RJRY, RJAI, RJTK, RJTU, RJMR, RJMO)
Obviously a small sample, but seemed ok.
apparently OP issue marked as resolved, but doesn’t seem to affect the person I responded to.

Oh how weird! I have exactly the same setup, including the legacy interaction model, and of course SU10 beta. However, I still see the map pretty much as it was, no search bar either. I was specifically looking for it yesterday.

There must be some weird interaction with one of my add-ons. I have quite a few. However, nothing that would alter how the maps looks, at least as far as I know.

That said, I have an add-on which is changing filters on the world map. I thought these were completely separate but will try to remove it tomorrow.

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Oh, that’s a good question. I’ve got an awful lot of addon airports for Japan so that could well be it. Will have to check later in the week.

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FYI there are updates to the WT G3000 mod and the PMS50 GTN750, as previous version did alter the VFR map and there were issues, since the map is entirely different now.

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Yes, just double-checked and default airports seem to be showing the frequencies and addons not. I guess addon developers have some updating to do…

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V1.27.13.0 appears to have solved the problem where resizing the map caused a ctd.

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Is this fixed as stated?
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Get little FPS drop using VFRMAP

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What information are currently provided for each airport please?
Are these information enough for VFR and IFR approach and landing?

Because currently I am considering Navigraph for this kind of information for approach and landing.