60° and 120° Quick View in Default XCub is faulty

Hey all,

I am experiencing issues with the Quicklook in the XCub, which I utilize with the “Coolie Hat” of my flightstick.

The 90° Views are fine (front back left right) but the 45° Views Front-Left, Front-Right, Back-left and Back-right are pointing into completely different directions, even though the keybindings are correct and it works with the other airplanes.

I guess this bug can be removed quickly, once somebody at Asobo adresses it.

But first they have to know about it.

To reproduce: Assign 60° and 120° views in the Cockpit to keys of your liking. Try in any other plane to see if bindings are correct, then try the same in the XCub.



I would suggest you may want to submit this via the Zendesk as a bug report to bring it to the developers attention.

On a bit of a tangent (but related) you might find it worth considering TrackIR (or similar) once you get used to it it really does make flight sims more immersive. The other obvious option would be VR but that has widespread implications.

Hi, thanks for your advice, i am using Aruco Paper Tracker Track IR when i want more immersion, but for the quick flight in between i still use the coolie hat sometimes :slight_smile:

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