60 secs frame time spike since a couple days now

Since a couple of days now, I’m experiencing a constant frame time spike (fps drop for no reason) exactly every 60 seconds

I have no idea what’s causing this, but it wasn’t there before. It has nothing to do with my hardware, my gpu/cpu/ram/ssd/hdd’s/net speed/temps, etc. are well within limits.

It started a couple of days ago, can’t remember if something changed in my system, but everything is up to date and all other apps and games are running perfectly fine with no issues except MSFS.

During the spike, I see a big, fraction of a second, stutter that repeats every 60 seconds exactly. If I press esc and stay in the menu, the spikes take place in the same way as when in flight. If I exit to the main FS menu, spikes are gone. I have already fs exe and folders in exceptions in antiviruses and it happens with Vsync on or off (my refresh rate is 60hz).

Anyone else having this?, any idea what could be causing this?


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So far seems like the culprit is the live traffic. Will post any further info.

looks like it is NOT the air traffic, after disabling it for 1h, I still have this problem :confused:, wth?, anyone?

Still having this issue even in latest updates. Anyone?

Have that issue as well, think it has to do with live weather. But since it’s not reproducible, hard to tell.
Happened to me with all traffic disabled, so it’s not (only) the traffic.

Always think that the sim is going to crash but suddenly I work fine again…

Thanks for the reply, I’m really hating this problem. For some reason, 1 out of 5 times, it seems to go away, and even though I have some spikes, it is ok and is not noticeable nor happens every 60 seconds exactly. However, the rest of the time, I have that ■■■■ 60 secs spikes :sob: . I have made many things to try to fix that, but I think it is FS’s fault as I don’t have this issue in any other game. I can’t either relate it to HDD/ssd IO’s, power issues, CPU/GPU activity, net, etc. I have no idea what the hell is this.

Hope someone can help us.