60Hz and Reverb G2

I’ve tried all sorts of combinations to get satisfying visuals/performance to no avail (3090), I just can’t handle stutter in vr so as a last resort I gave 60hz a try.

Wow, 60hz in this headset is leagues better than the G1, running 100oxr 100taa with most settings on high is an awesome experience, super smooth and the strobe effect is hardly noticeable at all (to me).
I also noticed the wobbliness when sat on the runway all but disappears when in the air.
Tried a search and rescue mission in Neofly around the Scottish highlands in my Icon, the visuals in the snow and mist was absolutely amazing, one of my best vr experiences yet.
So give 60hz a try if you’re struggling with visuals and/or performance, and crank everything up, it’s a game changer for me.


Funny thing is and I don’t why, but on the index in flight sims genreally I actually get smoother/better performace with a higher 120/144 refresh rate with no discernable peformance loss and in fact the exact opposite (though I pay no heed of FPS counters). It’s hard to describe as well but I’m sure it’s more immersive and responsive at those levels.

I thought about trying 60Hz, but didn’t had time and I was affraid of having nausea, and then forgot about that :wink: Thanks for reminding. You jsut generally changed that in WMR settings in Windows?
I will try that today.

I tested 60hz in WMR and there was a lot of flickering, I didn’t get to test it in FS.


The flickering took me back to CRT monitor days, very irritating and no option for me.


Yes the wmr settings in windows.
And about the flickering others have mentioned, I don’t find it half as bad as the G1,
I wonder if my ncp settings have helped at all, latency is set to ultra and sync is set to fast.
I’ll try later and see if it makes a difference.

Reverb G1 user here, and I’ve recently switched to 60Hz in order to find better performance in Elite Dangerous.
For those that have tried it just in the WMR house environment, seen the flickering, and given up - I encourage you to actually try it in a game. Completely unnoticeable at all for me while actually running games, and as the GPU is processing fewer frames, you can increase the detail (or, in my case on a 2070 in Elite Dangerous, completely avoid reprojection).

I guess the flickering is too much for some.
I see it as a lesser evil, I hate stutter and judder, and I don’t like the reduced eye candy at 90hz with repro, but 60hz repro with 100/100 it’s just stunning.

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tried this today, but everything became very grainy

I tried 60Hz in MSFS once with my G2 and immediately went back to 90Hz. I couldn’t tolerate the flickering.

I have been running at 60hz for about a week now, and I no longer notice the flickering. It did take a day or two before I no longer noticed it though.

Being able to get motion reprojection working down to 20fps has allowed me to put most of my sliders on High or Ultra.

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Tired myself - flickering and image is less “stable”. I felt my eyes getting strain almost from start.

Do you have jiggle view(moving edges wobble like jelly) when you set 60hz and use motion reorjection at the same time?

Only if I am really close to something when I fly by, and only for a fraction of a second. For the most part I rarely ever notice it.

Do a quick panning around or roll very fast in an aerobatic airplane, that jiggle effect will be very significant. You can also notice it through your fast rotating propeller.
Except this, motion reprojection at 60hz is superb.

This would basically be FS2020 VR god-mode if it weren’t for the flicker

That’s interesting - as soon as I tried it I thought nooooo! However my 90Hz is smooth enough so there’s no desire for me to switch. If only there was a 72Hz haha :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

60Hz is fine for me. I already get used to it. The flickering effect is not sifnificant when you focus on objects or sceneries through the lens. I also chose 60Hz for DCS and Dirt Rally 2.0 to achieve high-ultra graphic quality with supersampling in steam vr and get butter smooth frames without reprojection.
But for MSFS2020, even a 3090 can only achieve 30-40 fps in VR with high-ultra graphic settings. Motion reprojection should be condisered.
The major problem of OpenXR motion reprojection is jiggle effect(wobble frames like jelly) around fast moving pixles. Except that, the frames looks much smother than reprojection disabled. Hope this jiggle view can be eliminated one day.

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60hz only flaw as far as flickering is concerned is the bright daytime sky. I gave 60hz another longer shot tonight. I find the flickering when flying during the day too harsh. However with overcast clouds or in the early evening the flicker isn’t so bad. Looking at the cockpit it’s non existent. The smoothness is great and a welcome change having never see the sim THAT smooth before.

The wobbly mess that occurs from motion smoothing was mitigated the most when at 70/70 taa/oxr for my 2070super / i5 9600k in the a320nx over a photogrammatic us city. (My typical flight style and worst case scenario as far as frames go)

90hz immediately felt easier on the eyes but the stuttering juddering is always there.

The search continues.

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I’m almost exclusively on 60Hz now with reprojection ON at 20fps. I much more prefer the smoothness over the constant juddering with repro OFF even at the cost of jelly frames .
I got used to flickering and stopped noticing it after a few days.
That’s the only way I can push the resolution to OXR 70-80/100 and enjoy VR in this sim .
Still low/medium settings with my RTX3070 but for me resolution is of a high priority.
Btw, yesterday I disabled photogrametry after 1’st time trying the updated London…It looks like it’s been made for ppl with 3090 24GB VRAM and higher…