7 Logitech controls and panels inoperative since update 7?

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Brief description of the issue: Since update 7 my Logitech controls are useless! Some buttons work, clock on the yoke works, no power lights show other than quadrant and rudder, no control surfaces work. I have tried everything lastly going for a fresh “clean” install of Windows 10, and a re-install of FS2020, still same problem. I am running the game on a dedicated PC with nothing but the game on it, using Windows 10m latest edition, Intel i7 with 32 GB memory, EVGA GE Force GTX 1060 with Crucial M2 one TB drive. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

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Remove the Logitech drivers and try Lorby axis and ohs or spadnext.

I have all panels, 2 fips, yoke and pedals and they still working.

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