737-700 changed cruise altitude and speed issue

In the middle of cruise phase MCDU FP calls for FL360 and .756 speed which it achieved for an hour or so, but then the AC reduced speed to .605 and FL323. Thrust is 97%, MCP altitude set at 36000. No headwind, AC is configured for cruise. FD and HSI are matching, attitude 5 degrees up. FMC shows I’m in Climb phase, trying to achieve FL360. There was an MCDU msg about Buffeting for a bit, but that’s off now. GS360 TAS359. Trim is 9 nose up which seems high, but if it’s trying to climb rather than increase speed that may make sense. OH panel is normal. Annuniciator shows VNAV SPD. LVL CHG does nothing.

I’ve cycled AT, LNAV, RNAV and AP. with AP off I’ve lowered the nose a bit to try to gain some speed for the climb, but it only increases a few knots, and descends. Any ideas? I’ve flown many other 737s in other sims and never encountered this issue.

OK - got it. Even though I raised gear shortly after takeoff, and my Bravo TQ shows gear up, the gear was actually down. Hmmmm…thankfully I have enough reserve fuel to make my destination. Passengers will miss their connecting flights and UAL supervisors won’t like the extra fuel consumption.

If you would like to report this issue to PMDG, try to contact them directly, since third-party dev companies sometimes aren’t on the forums :+1:

Are you new to the PMDG 737 line? This kind of thing is kind of common for Bravo owners - if you search the PMDG forums you’ll find the correct way to bind the gear lever to work properly with the plane.

Yes I am new to PMDG. I’ll check out the forum. I have flown successfully on a number of flights without this happening. It’s probably user error - like when I used my mouse to set the gear to Off I went too far…we’ll see.