737 Cockpit

Hi All,

My name is Sam and I am very new in the simulator world. I am building a 737 cockpit to work with MSFS2020. I want to run MSFS2020 on two computers. The main computer will run the simulation while the second computer will run the MIP screens, Lower Eicas and FMC monitors. The two computers will be networked together. I plan to purchase PMDG 737 for MSFS2020 when its available. I also have FSUIPC and Mobiflight.

My questions for you:
Will the PMDG 737 allow me to do this?
Or is there another software required?

any direction anyone can provide me will be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance for any help.


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Hi Sam,

Here would be a good place to start: Latest Self-Service/Home Cockpit Builders topics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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thank you!

What about popping out the monitors? Then you can use with multiple planes.

Hi, if you need only MIP, then this one could be suitable:
You can try it, there is a free trial period.
Worth to try.

Thanks Tigershark! looking into aerosoft. I’ve emailed them but from what I’m reading it may not work with MSFS2020. still the same, thanks!

I try it, it works with fsuipc.