737 MAX liveries broken on new 1.3.0 update

When I updated the newest version of Bredok3d 737 MAX, liveries won’t even load. It’s shows the default livery instead no matter the other livery.

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I’ve noticed this too.

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Same here, except mine is version 1.3.1 from the MSFS Marketplace. I notified some of the livery makers. Did you manage to find a fix for it?

There is a new update on SimMarket that supposedly fixes the liveries. Same version but updated.

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did anyone updated to 1.3.1 to see it fixed the issues or not i’ll decided either wait to update or not if the livery issue was fixed?

Version 1.3.1 from the MSFS Marketplace is the one that started my issues, so no! Don’t download/update that one until they confirm that they have fixed it.

I already emailed Bredok3D about it, so they are aware of the issue.

The SimMarket update was Bredok3D’s original response to me too.

However, my purchase was from the official Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace, not SimMarket. I cannot justify spending more money on purchasing the same product through another marketplace when I already own it and it shouldn’t have been broken in the first place.

I’ll just wait till it fixed (luckily I saved the old 1.2.5 version before updating on a backup folder just in case)

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You gotta wait for Marketplace then. That’s what happens when you buy at Marketplace. It’s exactly why I don’t buy stuff there anymore.

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The version on the MSFS Marketplace updated again, so the liveries are working now!