747-8 Airport compatibility

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Brief description of the issue: Even though some airports are listed in the 747-8 list of compatible airports, some airports do not have parking spaces large enough for the aircraft.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: I have experienced this issue since the introduction of fs2020, and it is still a problem with 1.21.18 (-2)

Boeing releases a 747-8 Airport compatibility list. It is surprising the ones on and not on the list. But in FS 2020, there are several airports where there are not parking spaces big enough for the Queen. These are not alternate airports, they are the ones IRL that handle 747-8’s on a regular basis. There are some airports suitable for the passenger version, some for the Cargo/Freight version, but some listed IRL are not suitable in Fs2020. A couple recently encountered : MGGT; and VOHS